How to Take Your Fitness Marketing (and Your Business) to the Next Level

At some point, every fitness business owner has to decide if they’re comfortable where they are or if they really want to reach for something much higher. One personal trainer may decide that they’re happy training a handful of clients each week and just paying the bills because it suits their needs and their lifestyle. Another may realize that they’re working to live, but they’re not living at all.

If that’s you and you want the kind of success that lets you live instead of just making a living, then you’re going to need to take your fitness marketing to a completely different level. And, I have three tips to help you do that.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.13.12 AMKick yourself out of your comfort zone.

Nine times out of ten, we become stagnant because we’ve limited ourselves to where we feel comfortable. Maybe you only talk about your business to your friends and your family. Maybe you’re not comfortable asking complete strangers where they work out. Maybe the only people you socialize with are other trainers and athletes. All of these things limit your reach and limit your market. The only way to grow your business outside of these limitations is to remove them.

Join a local business group where you’ll meet entrepreneurs and business owners from all kinds of different industries. Offer special pricing to those new acquaintances or volunteer to do a lunch and learn event for their employees. If you’ve been focusing your marketing on people in your age group or with similar backgrounds, push yourself to meet people who are completely different than most of your clients. Volunteer to sponsor a kids’ athletic team so that you can create visibility with local moms. Help raise funds for your local elementary school’s new playground and then tell all of the teachers you meet about your early morning workouts.

Commit to putting yourself into one new situation or meeting one new group of people each week or each month and you’ll have entirely new markets opened up to you.

Find your zone of genius and market it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.18.11 AMNot too long ago, I read “The Big Leap” by Dr. Gay Hendricks. It’s an incredible book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be more productive, more successful and more able to live a full life while making a living. In the book, Hendricks talks about finding your zone of genius and focusing your time on working in that zone. It’s by spending your time working in that zone that you can actually build real success and love what you’re doing at the same time.

All of us have one zone of genius and most of us have a few. Mine are coaching, marketing, selling and motivating. Those are the things that really make me money and where I should spend my time. Other tasks, like bookkeeping and administration, are better delegated to someone else so that I can market my business.

You not only need to spend your time doing the things you’re really good at; you also need to promote those things in your fitness marketing efforts. As a personal trainer or boot camp owner, you have a zone of genius. It might be nutrition, it might be post-partum fitness or it might be organized athletics. Let people know what you’re really good at, what makes you the expert. Build an email list and send out weekly emails filled with really useful information written from your expertise. Create a monthly fitness newsletter that promotes your reputation as a local expert.

Make a list of five tasks that you’re really good at and then spend more time doing those and less doing everything else. Make a list of five fitness-related topics you really know about and find ways to highlight them.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.33.56 AMDon’t just market your business – sell it.

What if a car salesman told you all of the fantastic things about a particular make of car and then said “Isn’t that awesome” and walked away? He would be a car marketer, not a car salesman and he would also be broke.

You can create all the fitness marketing fliers and email lists you want, but if you never ask for the sale, you’re just doing busywork. “Think about it and get back to me” is not a close. Neither is “I’m glad you enjoyed your free workout; please come back and see us.”

You’re an awesome trainer and you have everything to offer your clients, but you have to make them clients before you can help them. The guy visiting the car lot needs or wants a new car. The person sitting across from you or checking out your free session wants a new body. Don’t be afraid to show them you are exactly what they need. Don’t make them an offer and hope they accept it – make them two offers and ask them to accept one of them. Tell them about two of your programs and ask them which one they’re most excited about starting.

You push your clients to take their workouts and their fitness to the next level. That’s how they get awesome results. Take your fitness marketing to the next level and you’ll get awesome results, too.