How Resourcefulness Will Get You Everything Your Fitness Business Needs

You want to know what grinds my gears?

I’ll be speaking at a seminar, a mastermind, or a conference, doling out some tips and techniques to help fitness professionals transform their businesses.

Now, normally after I speak, I love to interact with the people at the event and offer them advice. Even a five-minute conversation can completely shift the way someone looks at his or her fitness business.

So imagine my frustration when I tell an owner that they need to get serious and buckle down, that they would benefit from coaching programs, that their business would benefit from hiring an admin or getting a better sound system to add more energy to workouts…

“But I can’t spend the money. I don’t have it.”

That’s the response I hear out of most people. It drives me nuts, and frankly, it’s total BS.

I’m talking about entrepreneurs who aren’t resourceful. The same people who will tell me they can’t afford personal and professional programs will dish out hundreds of dollars a month on Netflix, cable, magazine subscriptions, etc.

You see, there are two different types of entrepreneurs: those that scour for resources and those that are resourceful.

The name of the game is being resourceful.

Here’s my story: I started at the bottom. I know what it’s like to struggle to get a personal training business off the ground. At one point, I was making my protein shakes with just tuna and diet coke…

Did I let my circumstances stop me? Nope.

I looked around at my clients and noticed that one of them was a successful entrepreneur. I thought, “Hey, this guy is where I want to end up. I bet he could give me some serious advice on how to get there.”

So I approached that client and told him, “Hey man, I’ll give you a free extra session every week if you’ll let me pick your brain on marketing, selling, and building businesses.”

That guy ended up teaching me everything I needed to leave that gym and go start my own business, and we’re still great friends to this day.

Let’s be real: no one has the answers to everything. Everyone who starts a business hits a wall – whether it’s that they need to fix their marketing, improve their sales strategies, or get themselves out of the busy work.

Someone might be a degree away from completely transforming his or her fitness business. There might be something in excess or missing from his or her business that prevents that it from growing rapidly.

That’s why you need to focus on changing the things you can control for the better.

When someone wants to lose weight, it’s difficult to do it on willpower alone. You and I know this as personal trainers. Willpower is important, but you also need structure in your training and in your diet, and sometimes swapping out that one exercise or that one meal can create a huge change in your outcome.

Your business is the same way.

You need to be committed to your goals!

When you are resourceful, you find a way to get the help you need. You don’t make excuses or blame your situation, but you go out there and do whatever it takes to make your fitness business a success.

You know that to reach great goals, you must take steps. And more steps. And more steps.

You get creative with what you have. That’s what the great inventors of our time have done.

Thomas Edison made the world’s first light bulb out of scrap pieces like glass and wires. Heck, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook – the world’s largest social media platform – using only Harvard’s student directory.Idea-Hand-4fQclj.jpg

These guys didn’t complain about having limited resources. They looked at what they had right in front of them and spotted the opportunities that most people don’t have the mindset to recognize.

In fitness, it’s easy to look down the block and see competitors with flashy signs and prime locations. That’s one way to fail: trying to live up to the standard of someone else.

You CAN take action. Worry about YOU, not them.

The thing is, you have all the tools you need. Sure you might not have a huge facility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your space. If you have absolutely zero budget for Facebook ads, then focus on referrals. Referrals are your most powerful marketing tool anyway—and they’re free!

Make your own luck.

Before you begin to look around for resources, ask yourself whether you’ve done all you can with what you have.

Greatness is not like some switch you flip on once and suddenly everything in your life changes. It’s a discipline of making one-degree shifts in your life and business every day that add up to a bigger impact.

Those little changes might seem small, but they cut down on costs and add bits of value to your business. Soon your business gains momentum and you start to make more money.

Being resourceful means that you use your time and energy efficiently. No longer do you have to work long hours trying to manage every small detail of your business. Instead, you use what you have in innovative, smart ways to get things done faster.

Let me give you an example. Say you’re in dire need of some clients. You’ve put out a few marketing campaigns, with minimal success.

How can you reach more people at little to no cost to your budget?

One awesome tip is to network with local businesses. You can offer the owners of those businesses (and even their employees) free workouts in exchangoptions-300x255-Fx7N2r.jpge for their mailing lists.

They get free world-class workouts with you. You get access to a Rolodex of prospects in your area.

Who knows? You might impress those employees and owners so much that they become paying clients and even refer their friends to you.

What about your signage? You could hire a professional, get a quote, then have them make your sign.

How about instead you scroll through your list of contacts and see if you have a friend who specializes in making signs. You might be able to get a friendly discount or even offer them free workouts for their work.

Be resourceful, and I promise you it will pay off.

Committed to your success,