Your Fitness Business Really SUCKS Sometimes

There was a time when I owned and operated 5 different personal training studios. Between all five gyms I had hundreds of clients and dozens of trainers. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’re managing even a few personal trainers then you know it’s a recipe for disaster— let alone trying to deal with dozens of them!

Suck Factor copy

I had trainers impregnating clients, employees screaming obscenities in front of clients, trainers stealing thousands of dollars right underneath my nose, and the list goes on…

It was a nightmare. There were times I’d even call it a disaster. But I dealt with it. I put out fires, fixed problems, avoided lawsuits, and ran successful businessness.

So what about you? Your fitness business will never be perfect. Nothing will ever go exactly how you need. There’s no such thing as flawless and you’ll always have problems.

People let you down, your tools break or fail, and circumstances beyond your control will always get in your way.

You can do all the planning and preparing in the world, but when it comes down to it, there’s always going to be that one thing, big or small, that’s a problem.

It’s called the Suck Factor and it will follow you wherever you go, no matter what you’re doing.

So how do you deal with that? How do you, the renegade trainer, the scrappy marketer, the unstoppable entrepreneur, deal with the Suck Factor?

You don’t give a sh!t, that’s how!

Yeah, your training, your marketing, your whole business is going to face problems. So, who cares? You certainly don’t because you don’t have time to care. You’re too busy solving the problem to get worried or upset or pissed off.

You’ll have people screw you over but you don’t hold grudges because you’re too busy replacing them and fixing their mess. And when negativity, failure, or destruction comes your way, you don’t wallow and you don’t freak out— you spring instantly into action, averting disaster as you go.

OK, fine, maybe you aren’t living like this yet. Maybe you’re here on my blog today because you’re freaking the hell out about some problem or issue and you’re too crippled to take action. If that’s you then good, I’m glad you found this post. Now listen up.

the challengeIt’s you vs. them, buddy. There’s no one else. No one is going to step in and make it all better; there’s no Man on a White Horse who will swoop down from the heavens and make it all go away. It’s you and only you who can solve your problems and fix your business every time something goes wrong.

So accept it. No, do more that accept it: thrive on it! Make it the very reason for your existence and the motivator of your domination. Embrace the Suck Factor, love the challenge, and crush everything, anything, and anyone who dares stand in your way.

There’s a whole universe of suck out there. A vast expanse of problems just waiting to get hurled in your direction. But instead of worrying and fretting you should be giddy with anticipation.

You’re the first and last line of defense. You’re the tip of the spear and the rod that carries it. You’re everything your business needs to face the storm so stand up to the universe and simply handle it…

And listen, if you don’t think you’ve got what it takes, I’ve got good news for you. This level of domination and confidence doesn’t take superhuman abilities. You don’t need all the skill or even all the answers you just… well, you just do it.

Make it happen.

It really comes down to action. Your ability to take action and take action fast is what separates you from those who make it and those who let problems spell disaster.

If I let you in on some of the ‘problems’ I’ve had in my life you’d think I was making stuff up. If I told you about the amount of crap that’s been thrown my way you’d probably think I was insane to get over it and move past it.

But it’s a lot simpler than that, really. I just effin’ did it.

Listen, I mentor people just like you almost every day. And when they haven’t accomplished their goals or when I call them out for losing money in their business, it’s always the same excuses:

“You don’t understand Bedros, these people just refuse to pay my prices,” or “there was a huge storm and people wouldn’t come to my event,” or “my staff just isn’t good enough.”

But See, those excuses don’t get you off the hook. Because it’s your responsibility to fight past anything that get’s in your way and find solutions.

I don’t want excuses; I want solutions.

So don’t even waste your time trying to pass the blame, just find the source of the issue and solve it.

And if you can’t solve the problem, if you don’t know what you need or don’t have the right tools and skills, then find the people who can make it happen.

Whether you need help structuring your marketing funnels or if a busted pipe is funneling thousands of gallons of sewage into your studio, it’s up to you to find the right help.

And yes, I realize this sounds pretty dang obvious. You don’t need me to tell you to hire a plumber when the pipes break. But here’s what you do need to hear: bad stuff happens and there’s no sense in dwelling on it so just get over your anger, fix problems as soon as you can, and move on so you can keep growing your business.

That’s what it comes down to: it’s not about being the hero, it’s not about feeling good about yourself, and it isn’t about doing the right thing.

You’re an entrepreneur. This is what you signed up for so you don’t get to care. You aren’t allowed to wallow you’re only allowed to do one thing: grow your business.

Sure, if you worked for someone else and sat at a desk all day you’d be allowed to freak out when your car gets wrecked or your wallet gets stolen, but as a business owner and entrepreneur you don’t have those luxuries.

take actionRemember, the best way to deal with the Suck Factor is action, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare

Staying educated and up to date on what marketing and business operation systems are the best for your fitness business is a great way to stay prepared for disaster. And you can do that with the systems here on this blog and products over here on this page.

But there’s only so much you can do; you can’t prepare for acts of nature. When it comes to tsunamis or cosmic radiation, you’ll just have to play it by ear. No worries though, you can handle it.

Committed to your success,