The 3 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know

Man, what an awesome past few weeks it’s been!

A few weekends back, I took some of my Fit Body Boot Camp Influencers out for a relaxing weekend at the Montage in Laguna. We had some fancy dinners, play time on the beach, and even dinner on a private yacht.

I wanted to thank them for leading from the front, sharing their successes with our other FBBC franchisees. We also discussed my vision for the future of Fit Body, something I like to call “FBBC 3.0”.

Seeing all those successful fitness professionals got me thinking back to when I started out as a personal trainer…

I faced a lot of adversity back then, but I embraced it. I would not be where I’m at today without the mistakes I made, the marketing promotions that didn’t pan out, the sales copy that wasn’t engaging enough…

I knew that regardless of my circumstances, I wasn’t excused from my responsibility to deliver as a personal trainer. So I manned up and learned by trial-and-error.

I failed forward.

Today I use those same experiences to teach fitness professionals the formula to business success and glory (and six figure incomes and greater impact in their communities…)

I had a young lady recently ask me for some advice on starting her own personal training business. I could tell she was ambitious—she said she always knew she wanted to start a fitness business.

That’s when I gave her the three tips she (and you) can follow to unlock the inner badass entrepreneur inside…


Stay Away from Partnerships

You might be considering a partner—maybe a friend or a close associate—to enter the business world with.  

Let me let you in on a little secret: you can build a fitness empire on your own!

Partnerships usually come from deep-seated insecurities that are common among young entrepreneurs: “Having someone to bounce ideas off of, to help me with those parts of the business I’m not comfortable handling, to make decisions for me…that takes a load off my shoulders, right?”

You’re an ENTREPRENEUR. You are capable of being a high-performing fitness powerhouse, not merely a business partner doing employee-level work…

I always tell my clients that are locked into business partnerships to work as if they own 100% of that business. Make yourself indispensable: that means you take control. You literally are the linchpin that your business depends on!

Why not take that a step further? You don’t need to split revenue with someone…you can learn the skills your business demands ON YOUR OWN. Or, you can hire people for the stuff that’s really out of your zone of genius once you begin to scale and grow…

…and the best part? All of that sweet profit is YOURS to keep!

Think about it. You’ve got amazing free resources at your fingertips, such as this blog. You can go out to conferences—such as my annual Fitness Business Conference—and learn and network with the cream of the crop in the industry.

Betting on yourself and your resources at hand is the much cheaper (and much more productive) path to take for entrepreneurial success.


Marketing and Selling Are Your Best Friends

I’ve met so many personal trainers who design amazing workouts and get their clients dramatic results…

…yet these same fitness pros often don’t invest in learning how to market and sell their training. At one point, I was one of those people. I literally worked side jobs just to keep myself afloat as a personal trainer.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to embrace the marketing and selling side of your business. In fact, I want you to fall in love with marketing and selling.

This is pivotal. I would go so far as to say that this is just as important as the service you’re offering. What good is any business, any logo, any merchandise, whatever it is, if NO ONE knows about it?

When I say you need to dominate marketing, I mean you need to DOMINATE marketing.

Hey, that’s how I grew my business. I want you to picture yourself in my shoes, because I know you’re capable of what I’m about to say…

I became a master at finding leads offline by networking with other businesses in my local community. Then, when the industry shifted more toward online marketing, I learned how to get my ads through Facebook’s algorithms to get seen by people I was targeting. That, of course, led to more leads and more sales.

Of course, I brushed up on the classic marketing techniques that have worked for entrepreneurs for generations. I write about many of these techniques on this blog.

That’s not it, though. I systemized my sales process, made scripts for the closing process, and became an expert at getting people to understand why fitness NEEDS to be in their lives.

I decided to share my step-by-step closing process in my product, Close Clients, which you can find here:

When I did those things, I started to notice a buzz around my fitness business. It felt like I had stumbled upon some secret formula for getting clients to know, like, and trust me…

Marketing and selling are more than just your “secret” to success. They’re your livelihood. Today’s market demands that you either master these tools or get left in the dust, but I know that you’re going to make these skills your bread and butter.


Build Emotional Resilience

You’re leaping into the world of business. You should be itching with excitement!

Now—and you already know this—business isn’t the easiest. Shit hits the fan sometimes.

I’ve had trainers steal clients from me. I’ve had clients go on Facebook and bash my reputation. Heck, I’ve had some failed businesses in the past.

So how did I come up on top? I developed emotional resilience.

When something stupid or demoralizing happens to someone, their first instinct is to react, right? They wonder how they can get back at that one person or they want to defend their name from every small hint of criticism.

Here’s the thing about emotions and business decisions: they don’t mix well AT ALL.

I know that trainer who got his reputation unfairly slammed wants to write back some hotshot response to clear his name, but even if he’s got a valid point, it could make him come across as bitter. So what would the wise decision be for him to make?

He should take a step back, control his emotions, and ask his clients to vouch on his behalf. That way, he never says anything negative and his rep is still defended by his people.

I liken this to growing into a tree…an unshakeable tree. That’s YOU.

When a tree first grows, it’s fragile. Seeds can be carried away by the wind with ease. Even a young tree—lacking a strong foundation—can snap out of the ground with a small tug.

That’s the way I see many young entrepreneurs today.

They work days and weeks and months to make their businesses perfect, but when adversity hits, they fall prey to their emotions. That’s when they make decisions that unravel their careers…

Now picture a tree that’s a few hundred years old. Its roots run deep into the soil, so floods, winds, earthquakes, nothing can tear it down.

That’s the mature entrepreneur. He’s built the emotional resilience to push through the adversity he faces. In fact, that adversity only makes him stronger.

You are UNSHAKEABLE. You dominate because you have a clear focus for your business and you never waver from that.

I can’t wait to see you—and your business—grow.


Committed to your success,