How to Use Body Language to Close More Sales

As a fitness pro, you already understand the importance of proper form, right?

You know that if you work out with proper form you’re guaranteed to engage the right muscle groups, and you’ll get the most tension out of the move without crapping out.

GymnastAnd if you have bad form, you’re getting an inefficient workout and probably leaving yourself open to injuries.

Turns out, these same truths about form apply just as much to your selling process. And yes, I do mean physical form.

If you master your body language, you can become a serious closer.

If your body language sucks…no sales for you.

And just like your form in exercise: this all comes down to some fairly simple adjustments in your body. Good body language is possible no matter how awkward you think you are…you just need to have the discipline to implement it.

So let’s look at how you can master your body language to become a master closer!

(I mean come on, this stuff is free! Don’t you want to close more sales for free?)

Bob Your Head When You Want a “Yes”


This is a classic, simple trick.

I’ve told you before how you want to use the Yes Principle to increase sales by prepping your prospect to say “yes” to the sale when it’s time to close, so you should already be setting up little “yes” moments throughout your presentation.

Well, whenever you go in for one of those yeses, bob your head up and down a little bit. You don’t have to full-on nod your head (although some people can get away with this) just move your head slightly up and down.

This sends a subconscious signal to your prospect that they should think and say “yes” as well.

Keep Your Arms Open and Align Your Shoulders


As much as possible during the presentation, you want to keep your arms open, your chest high, and your shoulders aligned parallel with your prospect’s shoulders.

When you try this out, you’ll probably notice that it feels a lot more vulnerable than when you cross your arms, collapse your chest, or sit sideways.heart lock


When you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of someone, it builds trust.

As human beings, we have a tendency to treat trust as a reciprocal thing.

When someone has the courage to trust us, we’re willing to reward them with our own trust. If someone is withholding trust from us, we get suspicious of their motives and don’t want to trust them either.

You need your prospect’s trust if you’re ever going to close the sale, so win their trust by displaying trust first.

Make Eye Contact Like a Pro


Don’t just make eye contact because it’s polite – use it to gather info. The eyes are the most expressive part of the face, so pay attention and keep gauging your prospect’s mood throughout the presentation.

Also, here’s a little pro tip that most people don’t know about: you can kick in a person’s trust and empathy by not just making eye contact with them but also looking at the same spot they look at when they look away.

Obviously, you don’t want to do this in a robotic way, but if you’re subtle about it this technique shows your prospect that you are aligned with them and makes them more willing to work with you.

Don’t Touch Your Head or Face


This includes the obvious stuff, like picking your nose, but even scratching your head or resting your chin on your hand can hurt your sale.

Any sort of head-touching implies that you are not trustworthy, at least in the context of a sales presentation.

Remember: keeping your body open and vulnerable generates trust. This includes your face, so keep your hands down.

Give a Firm Handshake (With Eye Contact)


Again, this is such a simple one, but so many people skip it.

And by the way, this applies with pretty much everyone you meet. Doesn’t matter what hand gesture they normally use: a solid handshake projects confidence and power.

Also, it proves that you’re not carrying a knife. That’s why the handshake was originally invented, you know. Most people don’t want to buy from someone who is currently armed.

Hang Out with Charismatic People


This is more of a long term preparation tool, but it works wonders: start hanging around people who are charismatic consistently to boost your own charisma. Confident businessman

A huge part of what makes charismatic people charismatic is their body language.

And, since we all have a natural tendency to copy the body language of people around us, you can pretty much borrow their charming body language if you just hang around them long enough.

Speaking of preparation…

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare


Even if you’re not personally an athlete, I’m sure you know the immense amount of physical preparation that goes into top level athletic performance.

And I’m not just talking about the training here – I mean the preparation on the day of the game, right before hitting the field.

They stretch, they eat and hydrate themselves in a precise, scientific way, and they do all kinds of rituals to get themselves mentally and physically “in the zone.”

And that probably just sounds like common sense to you, right? You know an athlete would have to be crazy to think they could skip all of that prep and still go in expecting to win.

So then why don’t you put equal preparation into your sales process?

Of course this means putting together a killer sales script (like the one you can get over at Close Clients) and of course it means getting your mindset right.

But it also means stretching or going for light jog before the presentation – something physical to loosen up your muscles and keep you from looking all tense and awkward.

In fact, what you really should do is look at how actors prepare. Before an actor goes on stage or on camera, they’ll spend quite a long time just sitting in front of a mirror saying tongue twisters as fast as possible.

Why? Because it gives them greater control over their speech and prevents stuttering and slip ups.

A master closer enters every sale with every part of their mind and body engaged and focused on the task. Keep mastering your mind AND body and you will see the increased sales you desire.

Committed to your success,