Want to Succeed? Take More Responsibility!

Let me tell you the difference between a real fitness entrepreneur who’s going to change people’s lives and make great money and a fake fitness entrepreneur who’s going to go broke.


A true fitness entrepreneur takes responsibility for EVERY SINGLE THING that happens in their business.running your business in cloud

Do your clients get results?

Your responsibility.

Do your prospects decide to buy from you?

Your responsibility.

Are your staff doing good work and keeping on the straight and narrow?

Your responsibility.

Are your systems dialed in so that you can walk away from your business for a month and the whole thing keeps running?

Your responsibility.

Do you have enough leads coming in to keep your boot camp filled?

Your responsibility.

With each of those examples, the fake entrepreneur has all kinds of excuses. All those excuses boil down to the same thing – “Someone else broke it, not me!”

They’ll blame it on clients being too uncertain to commit, or employees misbehaving, or technology being too confusing…basically, they’ll blame whoever or whatever they can find that will get them off the hook.

Too bad! You don’t get to win big if you don’t take big responsibility.

Let’s dive into this, shall we?

You Are Responsible for Everything You Do


Doing better work means you get better rewards. That’s just a simple law of the universe. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a just a con man (and he’ll get what’s coming to him.)

You are responsible for giving your clients the best possible training in town, which means you are responsible for giving them better results than they’re expecting AND you are responsible for giving them an overall experience that is empowering and memorable.

And when you’ve got a great training program nailed down, you are responsible for SELLING your training like your life depends on it (because it does).

You need to get your message out on social media. You need to create a message and a brand that promises your prospective clients that you are the ONLY one who can solve their problems. And you need to close 9 out 10 prospects who show up for a consultation.

In The Same DirectionYou need to have a massive, forward-looking vision for your business that you share with your team, so that everyone is moving together in the same direction.

Each of those things is something that only you, the entrepreneur, can do (at least at first).

Most startup businesses fail because the entrepreneur refuses to do this kind of work.

Well, guess what? The employees can’t do it, and magical fairies aren’t going to appear and do the work for them, so the business flops.

Don’t be the fake entrepreneur. Don’t back down from the work only you can do because it’s hard, or you’re scared of failure, or you’re uncertain about the future. GET CERTAIN, man. Don’t give yourself the option of failure.

It’s your responsibility to charge forward and earn your battle scars. Embrace the adversity and the uncertainty. Love it. Thrive on it. Use it to make yourself stronger.

You Are Responsible for Everything You Don’t Do


Of course, to truly be an effective business builder you need to automate or delegate the trivial 95% of tasks that need to get done, but don’t directly bring money or opportunity into your business.

But the most crucial thing to remember when delegating is that you are STILL 100% RESPONSIBLE for the end result.

I will occasionally see or hear fitness business owners complain about their employees behaving badly and losing them clients. It always blows my mind.

Dude, YOU HIRED THAT PERSON! Either fire them immediately or coach them to be better.

A bad employee isn’t like a freak flood or a thunderstorm – they don’t just happen to you at random.

If you end up with a bad employee, it’s your responsibility. You hired them, or you hired the person who hired them, and it’s your job to fire them or train them to be better. It’s also time to fix your hiring process so this doesn’t happen again.

Dude, you can’t have a weak stomach about this stuff. You aren’t doing the world any favors by hanging on to a crummy employee.

All you’re really doing is harming your good employees by dragging down their performance.

And oh by the way, you’re leaving money on the table because your business isn’t selling and delivering top quality training as efficiently as it could be.

This same logic applies to anything else that goes wrong or underperforms in your business. You don’t get to pass the buck. Everything that happens, good or bad, is on you. It’s your responsibility to fix it or find someone who can.

You Are Responsible for You


I’m always talking about how I don’t believe in work-life balance. Mainly it’s because I think life is the most important thing and the work we are supposed to do is just an extension of life.Heroic achievement by men


Look, you haven’t poured so much of your time and energy into fitness because you thought you could get rich quick from it. It turns out you can get rich from it, especially with my help, but your deep WHY is your PASSION.

You are passionate about fitness, and that is something you need to hold onto and nurture every single day.

As you become more successful, have a greater income, and attract more opportunities, you’ll see how easy it is to become distracted.

It becomes easy to let your own nutrition and workouts slide, since your day fills up with so many more money-making opportunities.

It also becomes easier for your personal demons to come out and run amok, since now they have more toys to play with.

Don’t let yourself slide. If you have any un-conquered personal demons, start conquering them now.

Your responsibility as a fitness entrepreneur is to be an all-around, high performance human. You need to create and maintain the mindset, body, and vision of a hero.

One of my favorite sayings is this… “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

The more personal discipline and focus you can apply in your personal life, the more that will seep into your business and create more profits and opportunities for you.

Take care of yourself. Polish yourself like the badass human diamond you are. It’ll take some elbow grease, but trust me, nothing in your life will ever be more satisfying that putting in the effort and seeing greatness come out of that effort.

Committed to your success,