How to Survive as a Professional Personal Trainer

“Your industry isn’t evolved enough. Your industry just isn’t mature enough. The people in it aren’t that serious about what they do.”

I heard someone say that the other day. Quite frankly, I call bullshit.

We have turned pro, my friends. And here’s why: Personal trainers have evolved faster than any other industry on the planet in the short period of time we’ve been around.


Trainers Have Changed the Game

Look, it wasn’t until the late ’90s that the idea of group training and boot camp was born. Now look at where we are today.

We’re running boot camps inside of brick and mortar, and we’re actually using equipment.

We’re not asking Mrs Jones to drag her yoga mat and her dumbbells out of her car to the park every day, where we sneak around the city, hoping that no one gets injured or that it doesn’t rain on us.

Today our industry invests in the best facilities and the equipment to give clients a first-class experience.


Our Systems Are Better Than Ever


We have systems in place where we no longer trade time for dollars, but we have staff. We have funnels on Facebook to get leads, and get a tribe and a following. Most boot camps, at least that I know of, like Fit Body Boot Camp, are doing $20,000-$35,000 a month on a reoccurring basis.

We’re changing lives left and right.

Now we’re able to help clients through the Internet. Think of all the different types of information products, membership sites, and follow-along videos there are out there. We are touching more lives and making more money in the industry than ever before.

We’ve been around for 20 years, 25 years at best, and we’ve evolved so much, and so we should be proud of that fact. I know I certainly am, and I hope that you can share this information with them.

When someone says, “Oh, you’re just a personal trainer,” well guess what? I love my life. I love what I do. I make lots of money and impact tons of people’s lives, and I have freedom as well.


How Does a Professional Personal Trainer Survive?

So what does it take to survive in the modern personal training industry?

Gone are the days where you’re a trainer but don’t look the part. You’ve gotta look the part.

You’re a walking, talking billboard for your business.

Number two, you’ve gotta deliver the outcome and sell the outcome and results.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we don’t sell boot camp, we sell weight loss. We sell a better lifestyle, more confidence, and more energy.

If you just sell personal training, then you’ll be compared to everybody else in your city. But if you sell an outcome and you guarantee that outcome, then man, you’re somebody way different.

Which takes me to the third point that I want to share with you, which is creating your category of one.

What makes you so unique? What are you better than anybody else in your community at?

Lastly, how can you prove that?

To be the best in your community and in the industry, you can’t be that trainer who trains everybody from 9 to 90. You do that and you’re everything to everybody, which really means you’re nothing to nobody.

How do you that you’re the best around, someone who does one thing and better than anybody else in the your community? Or even in the world?

You use social proof and email marketing. Remember that social proof includes before and after pictures and case studies on Facebook and Instagram. Those two things will help you be super successful in this industry.


Committed to your success,