What’s Stopping Us from Giving 100% (And How We Can Fix it)

You probably came to this blog because you feel frustrated, broke, trapped, stalled, or desperate. In theory, you’re doing what you love as a fitness pro, but you’re living on a razor thin budget (or maybe just plain zero dollars) and you don’t see any real opportunities in the future. photodune-4981252-change-sign--xs

You’re ready to make a change in your life and in your business, but you don’t know what that change should look like. That’s why you’re here.

Now here’s the part that might just blow your mind…you and I actually the same problem.

By now it’s no secret that I live a pretty sweet lifestyle. I own multiple successful businesses that allow me to do the work I’m passionate about, I get to spend tons of time with my beautiful family, and I’ve got the finances to pretty much keep me comfortable for life.

But even with all that…I still get these moments of frustration. I still get moments where I feel stalled or don’t think I’m capable of achieving anything new. Sometimes I even start taking all the good stuff I already have for granted.

And sure, those are all better problems to have than when I was dumpster diving for food as a kid…

But the problems I had when I was poor and the problems I have now, they all come from the same source.

The Voice of “You Might Fail”


The source of all my problems and the source of all your problems is a little voice we all have in our heads.

It’s the voice that creeps in, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, whenever we come up with a new idea or consider a new opportunity.

And the voice has three favorite words that it says every time: “You might fail.”

Notice how the source of our problems is NOT outside circumstances. Why? Because outside circumstances can change. We can change them ourselves, and if we do nothing they’ll change on their own (in a good way or a bad way, it’s a gamble).

But the “You might fail” voice is a lot trickier and more persistent. He likes to convince you that he’s on your side. He convinces you that he’s doing you a favor by keeping you safe and comfortable, like a warm blanket.

Don’t fall for it! That voice is not really on your side…and I can prove it.

Deep ThinkingBecause I’m willing to bet that if you sat down and really got to the bottom of your frustrations, you would see that there’s a deeper emotional need that isn’t being met.

For example: why is being broke a problem? Because you feel like you’re spending every last ounce of energy keeping away the tax man and the repo man, or just buckling in for the next emergency!

Okay, now why is that a problem?

Because it sucks up all your time! And it makes you stressed beyond belief!

Okay, now why is THAT a problem?

Because you wish you had the time and energy to change your situation, but you feel like you don’t have it.

Okay, now why is THAT a problem?

Because you can feel the lack of dignity in your life. You feel the lack of happiness.

That’s the deeper emotional reason for your problems.

And here’s the dirty secret about the “You might fail” voice: he doesn’t care about your happiness or dignity! All he cares about is keeping you right where you are so he can maintain control over you!

So how can we turn things around?

Meeting Your Deepest Needs


If you want to really address your deepest needs, you can’t just keep reacting to things moment to moment. You need a plan.

If you’re here, odds are you’re already lucky enough to know what your passion is: fitness.

(For the record, knowing your passion already puts you miles ahead of most people!)

Now, take your specific passion, the one thing you love most about working in fitness, and imagine what it would look like if you could spend the majority of your day JUST doing that.

How does it feel? When and where are you picturing it? Who is there to help you?

Once you have that clear vision of where you want your business to be and WHEN (6 months from now, 1 year from now, 5 years from now, etc.) you can work backwards from that vision to come up with your plan.

Now I’ve got resources all over this site to help you with the nuts and bolts planning. For example, I’ve got blog posts on everything from closing clients to marketing for brand new trainers.

PRIORITY round stampAlso, if you’re really serious, now is the time to invest in a coaching program like my Fitness Business Ignition. The reason I bring that up is that I know I started to get way more serious about my success when I started investing in business coaching.

Why? It’s a psychological thing. It’s one thing for you to SAY what your priorities are, but it’s another thing entirely to “put your money where your mouth is.”

The sheer momentum you get from investing in your own future is incredibly important by itself, but I think you’ll be happy to discover that my program is full of cutting-edge info and gives you access to amazingly creative and hard-working role models (including both your peers and your coaches). So check it out today!

Reaching 100%


Now, let’s get back to big picture: how do we defeat the “You might fail” voice? How do we push past it and reach our true maximum potential?

The first part is sheer force of will. Whenever that ugly voice rears its head you spit right in its face and say “Back off. I’m doing this.”

The second part is actually through generosity, and let me break that down for you.

I know for a fact that you currently aren’t helping out the maximum number of people that you could. How do I know that? Because I’M not even helping that many people!

Even though things are steadily getting better and better, look at all the people in your own community and around the world who are still overweight, under-conditioned, sad, tired, and hopeless because they feel ugly and weak?

The truth is, we as fitness pros have enough expertise and energy within ourselves collectively to get the entire world healthy several times over.

The only reason why we haven’t yet is the “You might fail” voice. 

But let’s flip this framing around…we’ve got all these people who desperately need our help…and we’ve got the expertise they need…

photodune-3500713-raising-the-world-xsWouldn’t it be the most generous thing in the world for us to help them?

Wouldn’t it be the most generous thing for YOU PERSONALLY to grow a massively successful business that could help an enormous amount of people?


So next time you hear the “You might fail” voice, tell him this:

“No. I will not back down. I am a generous person and I am committed to helping the people who need me. I am willing to risk failure. I am willing to risk discomfort. I know that if I keep pushing I can make a difference in those people’s lives, and I will do whatever it takes to get there.”

You got that?

I can’t pretend that this is an easy thing to say. I still struggle with it to this day. But I can promise you that the periods in my life that have the most happiness and most success in business are the periods when I focus on maximizing my generosity.

Speaking of which, you should know that generosity works just like a muscle. No matter where you’re at right now, you can make it stronger by exercising it.

And one of the BEST ways to exercise your generosity is to start mentoring someone else.

Now you may think that you don’t have any knowledge to pass down yet, but I call BS on that. Get an intern. Or, pick a younger trainer and teach them everything you know about fitness. Do it for free.

Once you start teaching others, you’ll be amazed by how much you actually know. And your own personal progress will pick up speed, because you’ll develop a deeper relationship with your own knowledge and you’ll have to stay accountable to the people who see you as a role model.

You ready?

I am.

Committed to your success,