Why Coaching Is the Secret Ingredient of Success

As a fitness business owner, you need to see yourself as a coach. You need to coach your clients AND your team to bring out the best in every one of them. You need to pay just as much attention to their mental game as their results.

If you don’t want your fitness business to peak, then you can’t let your team peak either.

You may be asking yourself now, “What’s the difference between a leader and a coach?”

A leader is someone who stands with his or her team, builds vision, and sets the path to success.

Now, a coach does all that too, but takes it a notch further. A coach is a mentor to their team.

Maybe you’re so caught up in scaling your fitness business that you forget your team members are counting on you to motivate them, to nurture them, and to show them you’re right there when shit goes down.

And it will go down. That’s life, man.

Listen, f you aren’t building morale with your team and coaching them into making the decisions that are going to grow your business, you’re going to fail.

You have a responsibility to your team to throw them the rope so they can make a ladder, and climb themselves out of the shit hole.

Otherwise, you and your fitness business are gonna be stuck in that ditch too.


Look at these big time athletes like Usain Bolt. These guys have a coach who’s constantly motivating them to be the best they can be.

The coach is working with them day and night on building better sleeping habits, eating habits, keeping their work ethic strong, pushing them to be faster or stronger.

They’re there for the celebrations, achievements, and small victories, but they’re also there when things get tough.

When there’s illness or a death in the family, that coach is going to put their arms around the athlete and work through the rough patches with them.

And that’s how you need to be as a business owner.

If I know something is wrong with a member of my team or a client, I reach out to them. They don’t even have to tell me something’s up – I’m so in tune with each member of my team that I can just sense when something’s not right.

I recently had a case where a Fit Body Boot Camp owner was struggling with personal issues. His business had been rocking, but slowly he started to unplug from our private Facebook group and from his business coaching.

I felt in my gut something was off about him, so I started texting him frequently – all of which would go unanswered.

Finally, he picked up one of my calls, and sure enough, he was alone in a different state, with his family and his business waiting for him back home. He was about to make a permanently bad decision.

As a coach, I put my arms around him and let him know I was going to be there for him every step of the way.

It’s your responsibility to provide your team with the support they need to stay above water. You can’t just throw them into the ocean and hope they make it.

Speaking of water, think of it this way:

If you leave someone in the middle of the ocean, without any resources for them to survive, and wave them off with a “good luck”, they’re gonna drown.

So you, the coach, need to give them tools so that they have a fighting chance for survival. Give them a flashlight, give them water, give them a raft.

Now, if they decide to say fuck it to everything you give them, you can’t do anything about that.

Your job is to provide the tools your team needs to succeed, and your team’s job is to use those tools to either survive or drown.

I’ve always taken the perspective of “I will do everything in my power to work you up until I know, in my heart, you’re not using my coaching to better yourself, or my business.”

And that’s when it’s time to cut the cord and part ways.

One important thing you need to remember is this: even coaches need coaches.

I may have an empire that’s expanding every day, but I still have coaches to keep pushing me to aim higher.

I have a speaking coach, a business coach, and I’m part of a network of entrepreneurs who meet three times a year for two days. We get together and just have a massive brainstorming session on what’s working, and what’s not in things like social media marketing, building a team, getting published, whatever.

If I didn’t have coaches, I wouldn’t have a pair of outside eyes to see things that could be improved, that I’m overlooking.

A big mistake business owners, or people in general, make is once they hit a point where they they’re doing well, they stop climbing the mountain.

They plateau, and think “well, this is working for me pretty well, I’ve made it, so I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.”

The moment I stop getting coaching is the moment I’m setting myself up for failure.

One time my speaking coach and I were talking at the same event in New York. I get off the stage, the crowd is cheering, I’m feeling pretty good.

I walk over to him and ask him if he had any pointers for me. He looks at me and says, “I’m gonna email you”.

Four days later, he sends me a 6 page email full of his outside eye notes. And because of those notes, I went from good to great.

If I didn’t have a pair of outside eyes, I would say to myself “Well, people love me, I keep getting booked, and I keep getting standing ovations. I’m doing my job.”

Yeah, I’m doing my job. But I want to get one degree better. And that’s what makes me a coach.

You should never come to a point where you think you’ve peaked. There is always room for self improvement.

The way you build yourself up to your highest potential directly flows into the way you build up your business.

Be a coach to your team, and be a coach to yourself.

Committed to your success,