You Are Mostly Not Creative (Because You Mostly Don’t Need to Be)

My head is swimming with thoughts right now, and I’m honestly not sure where to even start (anybody else in the same boat?) Man about to walk over precipice on SUCCESS word bridge

Just this weekend my team and I hosted our 10th annual Fitness Business Summit, and it was a massive success!

I’m not saying that to pat my own back. I’m saying that as a compliment to my hard-working staff, my incredibly entertaining and inspiring speakers, and the hundreds of success-minded attendees who I KNOW will now go on to crush it in their businesses!

Like I’ve said before, I think these events are just as much of a learning opportunity for me as they are for the beginning and struggling business owners who attend.

Now that the event is over and I have time to reflect, I feel like my brain is busting at the seams with great knowledge and new ideas, and I want to try to refine all that down into something teachable for you.

So here it is: to be a creative and successful leader in your business, you only need a few moments of creativity when it counts.

Let me break that down for you.

Creative Work is Scary


Any kind of work that is “creative” is scary by definition.

This is main reason that most people don’t do creative work or don’t think of themselves as creative people. It has nothing to do with smarts, talent, ability, resources, or anything they do or don’t have.

Even the most average, boring person on Earth is capable of amazing creativity, but the fear stops them from doing it.

By “creative” I mean any kind of work that involves making something new. This can be anything from writing to developing new training techniques, or heck, even crafting an entirely new business model.

A creative worker is someone who journeys to the other side of fear and brings back something interesting, useful, or beautiful.

The explorer

By that definition, it is totally possible for you to outsource your creative work. Of course, that working relationship will go a lot smoother if you keep in mind the definition I just gave you.

Still, there are moments in the career of any business owner when you must do the creative work yourself.

The good news is that these moments are pretty rare. 99% of your path to success will only involve showing up and doing the work AKA putting in the sweat equity. 

But for that 1% of the path…

When to Jump In/When to Outsource


How do you know when to jump in and do the creative work yourself and when to outsource?

When in doubt, ask yourself this: “Is this in my Zone of Genius?”

Your Zone of Genius is an idea that Gay Hendricks talks about in his book, The Big Leap. It’s the area where you are doing what you love, making the most impact, and still challenging yourself to grow your skills even further.

Everyone has a different Zone of Genius, so it takes a bit of self-awareness to know where yours is. I know that mine includes marketing and selling, personal motivation, and business coaching, because that’s where I have the most fun and help the most people.

Yours might be different. You might be the kind of business owner that always leaves room for a few 1-on-1 training sessions, because you know you can work absolute magic on the floor.

Or maybe you’re a total math whiz and you just want to spend all day tweaking and optimizing your business systems.Great mind

Whatever your Zone of Genius is, spend all day in there and delegate everything else.

Now for the things you delegate…let me give you some advice.

For the sake of this example, I’m going to assume that writing is NOT in your Zone of Genius. I know that’s not true for all of you, but I do notice that many fitness professionals struggle with this.

When you hire writing talent, the primary goal is not just to hire someone who’s good with grammar or who has an English degree (those both help, but they’re not the main target).

Your primary goal is to hire someone who can sit down in front of a blank white screen and be courageous. This goes back to the definition of creative work I gave earlier.

The expensive way to do this is to hire someone with a ton of experience. The highest paid copywriters in the world are in their position because they are word warriors. They’ve stepped up to the fear again and again and again, and because of that they’ve developed smart strategies and a ferocious mindset.

The cheap way to do this is to hire young.

In fact, hire artists. Screenwriters, novelists, poets…Sure, they may need some training on how to write marketing material, but anyone with the audacity to call themself an artist BEFORE anyone has heard of them has got the courage you need them to have.

Now keep this basic formula in mind for anyone else you hire. Look for people who are courageous and passionate in their field, then look to see if their experience and qualifications line up.

Remember Your Sweat Equity


There’s an opposite extreme to people who think they are “not creative,” and it’s equally dangerous.

It’s the idea that someone can be successful just by being creative. It’s the myth of the “idea guy.”

Guess what? The idea guy doesn’t exist. In reality, most self-proclaimed “idea guys” are just lazy bums who never put their ideas into action and slowly get more and more bitter because the world won’t recognize their unique genius.

Don’t be that guy and don’t hire that guy. Ever.

Whatever ideas you and your team come up with in your creative moments, implement them as soon as possible.

The Hard Work Starts Here written on a blackboardAnd don’t half-ass it, either. I see too many business owners take a good idea, implement it with only 50% effort, and then throw up their hands and call it “a bad idea to begin with” when it fails.

Buddy, nothing in the world works without someone, somewhere putting in massive effort and care.

Put in the sweat equity, find someone who can, or don’t implement at all. There’s no room for half-measures in the life of a top performer, and I want YOU to think and act like a top performer because I know you can become one.

Committed to your success,


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