How to Tune Out the Haters and Reach Your Fitness Business Potential

Let’s talk about haters.

I want to talk to you about the people who are always finding something to say about someone, the people who want to criticize, people who want to tell others that they’re too thin, too thick, too rich, too fake, too anything.

Guess what? I’ve never seen a hater who makes more money than me and makes a bigger impact than me. That’s just the reality.

Think of all the haters that you have right now. None of them are doing better than you, don’t you agree?

I got a direct message on good ole’ Instagram the other day. You know what the dude told me?

“Hey, man, I’m following all your stuff and my business is growing and I really appreciate it, but a lot of people around me are starting to poo-poo on me and are questioning what I’m doing. They’re saying that I sold out because I’m making all these videos. They’re saying I’m not being authentic anymore.”

I said, “Well, why are you even worried about the haters? Why are you worried about the people who have negative stuff to say about you? What about the people in your life who are there to lift you up, who are there to push you towards your goals, the people in your life who are there to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to the end?”

Those are the people you should be concerned with.

Let me tell you a couple of things about haters, because if you have haters in your life, I’m going to tell you this right now, because I know this from experience: the richer and more successful you get, the bigger the impact that you can make AND the more haters will come out.

That’s because when you live out your passion and purpose as someone who’s successful and happy, you become like a giant spotlight radiating the spotlight of happiness and success.

They start feeling bad because they know they’re not living their purpose and passion. They know they’re not living to their fullest potential, and so they start hating and talking shit.

Before you know it, they start posting passive aggressive stuff on Facebook and Instagram, and you know they’re talking about you.

Let me tell you something: who cares? Who cares? The moment that you put your focus on your haters and the people talking shit, in that very moment, you take your focus off your purpose and off your passion.

Listen, I don’t know about you, but my purpose and passion is to help literally millions of people in the fitness industry grow their businesses, make bigger impacts, and change lives.

I don’t look at my competitors as other gyms and other franchises. I look at my competitors as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Doritos, Taco Bell, and all the companies and conglomerates that are trying to make people fat.

My purpose is to put them out of business by helping fitness professionals reach more people, millions of people, and grow worldwide. If I start to focus on the people who hate on me and say negative stuff, I take my eye off the prize, and the prize is the purpose. You understand that?Screen-Shot-2014-11-12-at-1.38.37-PM-229x300-xaZzof.png

Let the haters hate while you dominate. Seriously though, if you are dealing with haters and negative people and criticism, I want you to know that it all comes with the territory.

What I also can tell you is that success is the best revenge ever.

I don’t want you to lash out at them. I want you to take the high road.

See, eagles fly alone, baby, and you’re an eagle. Eagles fly alone. THEY are turkeys, they’re chickens. They come in little groups and start pecking at you, but the eagle flies alone.

So, take the high road. Keep focusing on your passion and your purpose. Don’t worry about the competition. Don’t worry about what other people say. Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t worry about the passive aggressive comments they make.

None of that matters.

The only thing that matters is having your eye on the prize, and the eye on the prize is what your purpose is. If I can achieve my purpose, I’m going to die happy no matter what any hater or negative person says about me.

Live your purpose. Live your passion. Do not give a shit about the haters, and remember that you have my permission to block them, delete them, unfriend them, and unfollow them, because you are the CEO of your own life.

You don’t have to listen to their nonsense.

Now when you block them, delete them, unfollow them, and take them off your radar, you’ll have other people come to you and go, “Hey, did you hear what so-and-so is saying about you?” That happened to me, too.

You know what I told that person? I said, “Listen, I appreciate you trying to help me, and I can tell you’re trying to help me, but don’t bring any negative energy into my life.”

If you want to tell me what a great job I’m doing, or discuss the impact that I’m making, or give me a pat on my back, you are more than welcome to email or text me. Just don’t tell me about the people who hate on me.

I just want to focus on the people I’m going to help and the lives I’m going to change.

So, if you have people in your life who keep coming to you and saying, “Did you hear what so-and-so said?” You give them one warning, just like I gave them one warning, and then if they keep coming to you, you should probably keep them away from you.Brand-300x225-goO70F.jpg

See, these are the people who like to gossip. There are the haters and there are the people who like to gossip. They’re not the haters—they just take the hate message and bring it over to you.

Listen, I don’t need that.

If you are a messenger of hate, you are just as bad as the person who is hating.

People who hate, people who gossip and bring you gossip, unfollow, unfriend, block them, keep them away from you. Focus on your passion and purpose. You are here on this planet because you have a gift, and you don’t like anyone sidetracking you from your purpose, especially haters and people who gossip.

You’ll be happier and more focused on your path to dominating the fitness industry. That much I can tell you.

Committed to your success,