You’ll Close 90% of Your Prospects if You Use This Tool

What, you think you can’t close 90%? Think that sounds like a magic, made up number? It’s not: that’s the number of people in your pipeline right now that you should be closing.

See, this is where you need that tool:notepad, pencil and calculator

You’re giving an awesome presentation. I mean AWESOME – you’ve got your before and after pics, you’ve got testimonials, you helped the prospect fill out the ParQ form, you used their answers to spot objections ahead of time…you’re doing everything right.

But what happens when you try to close?

Your prospect says “whoa whoa whoa,” they slam on the brakes, and then they dogpile you with three different objections at once! “I still need to think about it, I need to ask my husband, and our budget is really tight right now.”

You get so overwhelmed you just let them walk right out the door. Then you sit there wondering what the heck happened? I thought I already dealt with those objections!

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WEBINAR: How Create Fitness Business Systems And Maximize Your Profits

If you’re interested in getting your hands on my best online sales funnels, copywriting, and marketing campaigns then Click Hear To Join Me For The Client Getting Funnel Implementation Boot Camp Weekend .

Me, Josh Carter and Jeff Sherman are literally handing you our top converting pages and funnels so that all you have to do is swipe and deploy. Go here to get our best marketing downloaded straight onto your computer:

In the meantime, here’s how you can increase profits TODAY.

If you’re dumping 80 hours a week into your business but you aren’t increasing your profits at a reasonable rate then something is very wrong. Don’t get caught up in the mindset that says fitness businesses can’t make huge profits.

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Your Fitness Business Really SUCKS Sometimes

There was a time when I owned and operated 5 different personal training studios. Between all five gyms I had hundreds of clients and dozens of trainers. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’re managing even a few personal trainers then you know it’s a recipe for disaster— let alone trying to deal with dozens of them!

Suck Factor copy

I had trainers impregnating clients, employees screaming obscenities in front of clients, trainers stealing thousands of dollars right underneath my nose, and the list goes on…

It was a nightmare. There were times I’d even call it a disaster. But I dealt with it. I put out fires, fixed problems, avoided lawsuits, and ran successful businessness.

So what about you? Your fitness business will never be perfect. Nothing will ever go exactly how you need. There’s no such thing as flawless and you’ll always have problems.

People let you down, your tools break or fail, and circumstances beyond your control will always get in your way.

You can do all the planning and preparing in the world, but when it comes down to it, there’s always going to be that one thing, big or small, that’s a problem.

It’s called the Suck Factor and it will follow you wherever you go, no matter what you’re doing.

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How To Double Your Clients and Profits In 60 Days Or Less

Dude, here’s what I’d do to fix your fitness business so that you can stop stressing over competition, worrying yourself about getting new clients, and freak out about not making enough income…

…and instead, just focus on helping people get fit, live healthy and be happy while making a really good living for yourself and your family.

You’re a pretty damn good trainer right?

You know how to train folks who want to burn fat, get fit, build muscle, and live a healthier life.

You know how to motivate your clients and support them in their goals.


BUT you need a lot more of them…

…and you need the type of clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth – even if all the other gyms, boot camps and trainers around you are under charging and practically giving away their programs, you need to be making what you’re worth. You deserve it!

But there’s your problem- – no matter how good you are at what you do and no matter how much your clients love you, you’re still struggling to get and keep clients.

You’re still stuck in “I’m desperate to get clients” mode and you’re stressed out trying to figure out a reliable way to get more leads and prospects to call, email, or walk in through your doors.

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7 Ways to Grow your Fitness Business to Massive Success

You, my friend, are incredibly lucky. You’re about to experience a guest blog from one of the most successful, most inspirational, and most energetic trainers I’ve ever met!

Samantha Taylor is a passionate personal trainer, incredible business owner, and hugely successful entrepreneur. So get ready because she’s about to teach you 7 secrets that helped her go from absolute and miserable failure to remarkable success.

(And if you get any value at all from her teaching, head on over to this site where you can get business coaching straight from Samantha and me for a few bucks a day!)

Check out her guest blog post below:

Samantha TaylorI have been in the personal training industry for over 20 years. I started training clients in their homes, then moved to a big box gym, and 14 years ago I started out on my own. 

After I left the gym, I struggled for the first 5 years on my own and was told by a financial advisor I should get rid of my business because I was losing about $5,000 a month! And although I was a great trainer, I obviously didn’t know what I was doing with the business side. 

I was actually making a lot more money being a trainer in someone else’s gym then on my own. But then I found Bedros and I have been a coaching client for over 6 years. Now I have two locations which include personal training and two Fit Body Boot Camp’s.

My first location is my own building and my 2nd location I paid cash for all of the build-out and investment it took to get things up and running (which was great not having to take a loan!). I also stopped personal training about 4 years ago to focus solely on running my business.

I tell you these things so you know the information in this post is coming from many years of experience of making the wrong decisions before making the right ones. I am going to ask you some thought provoking questions but if you will take the time to grab a piece of paper and answer these questions, this will help you in your business tremendously.  Let’s do this!

1) Embrace the reality of what can really happen when you get focused.

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How You Can Be One Of 5 Guests At The Next 7 Figure Mastermind

For the first time ever I’m allowing 5 people to join us and sit in on our next 7 Figure Formula Mastermind meeting – you could be one of them.

You need more clients, more money, more profits, and more freedom. And it just so happens that I’m the best at teaching fitness pros how to take their gyms, boot camps and boxes to massive success, profits, and automation.

Like these guys and gals…


On September 24th and 25th you can join me and all the members of my 7 Figure Formula mastermind group in San Diego, California for two days of high level business coaching, masterminding and actionable steps to double and re-double your income in as little as 90 days.

I’ve never opened up my mastermind program to non-members before, so this is a first. And we’re only adding five extra seats to the September 7 Figure Formula Mastermind. You can be one of the lucky ones to get it – IF YOU QUALIFY.

You should know that my mastermind meetings are intense and hardcore. I don’t teach any woo woo “feel good stuff”. If you get one of these five seats you’ll be learning VERY high level stuff like…

- the secret to sucking out a boatload of paying clients from Facebook – even if you’re totally lost, confused and frustrated with Facebook right now.

- how to triple the amount of referrals that your clients are sending you each month.

- how to be the highest priced fitness program in your community and still out close and out sell all the other fitness businesses in town.

- how to higher and train the right staff and automate your gym or boot camp so that you can have some freedom and a life all while making more money.


If you want to be one of my five guests here’s what it takes to qualify…

1) Be able to pay the $2,000 sit in fee.

2) Be able to travel to San Diego for September 24th and 25th.

3) Be willing to share all of your problems, fears, frustrations and challenges during your hot seat session.

4) Share nothing with no one about what we teach in the mastermind. What we teach in the 7 Figure Mastermind, stays in the 7 Figure Mastermind.

So if you want one of these five seats for the two days of teaching, masterminding and hot seat sessions then this is what you’re going to do next…

1) Send an email to and let her know you want one of the five seats.

2) Joan will send you a payment link so that you can pay your $2,000

3) She’ll then set up a call with you and me so that I can learn about you and your business before you come out to join us.

This is first come, first serve so once the five seats fill up this offer is off the table.


PS. Check out what one of my newest clients just posted on Facebook after ONLY one mastermind session.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 12.20.07 PM

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Blame Yourself for Failure

I use this website and blog to teach you tons of practical, powerful, and helpful systems that show you exactly how to increase profits, get more clients, and double your referrals. And all those lessons are incredibly important…

But some of the most valuable content I teach here has more to do with broad, big picture stuff. Because all those little tips and fixes are what make your business better, but if you don’t implement them with the right attitude or if you don’t approach your business with the right mindset, it won’t matter how many secrets or tips you apply.

Get Your Mind Right

Look, the difference between a success and a failure isn’t knowledge, it isn’t talent, and it isn’t luck. Because no matter who you are, or what you know, there are going to be moments where you fail. So the difference between a failure and a success is the ability and the drive to find the knowledge, acquire the skill, and develop the talent to push past failure and succeed.

But if you go around doing business with a scarcity mindset and poor attitude, all it takes is a bit of hardship to knock you off-track and destroy your momentum.

Mistakes aren’t failure: quitting is failure. And success isn’t always making tons of money— it’s being who your business needs you to be.

But that kind of perseverance and drive just isn’t possible without the right kind of attitude and mindset.

So get your mind right.

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An Autopsy of a Money-Making Marketing Email

If you’ve ever struggled with writing emails or email marketing then you need to read this post. It’s a marketing email autopsy with a step-by-step guide to writing consistently successful email sales copy.

So a few days ago, several people from one of my Mastermind groups asked me to post a content/promo email that exemplifies exactly what a solid marketing email should look like.

Luckily, I had just finished a promo email for my friend Craig Ballantyne to give out to his affiliates (it’s a perfect example of how you should be putting your emails together).


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.42.21 PMI sent this “email autopsy” to my Mastermind clients and then realized that you could probably benefit from this just as much so I figured I’d share that with you too since you really need to master the skill of writing killer emails.

Now, before you read the content of this email I want you to read the outline I’ve created below. Think of it as a guide or a map, leading you through each element of this carefully crafted message so that you know what to look for in the email and what elements you’ll want to incorporate into your own emails.

So here’s what you’re looking for in the email below and why it works so well:

1) A curiosity provoking and benefit rich subject line.

A great subject line needs to do two things: Ignite insatiable curiosity and immediately communicate benefits that will improve your reader’s life.

Remember, you’re one of an unlimited number of other distractions vying for your reader’s attention. There are emails, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, people, television, YouTube, and tons of other distractions pulling them away from your email. That means you have roughly one sentence to tell them why should they ignore all of those distractions and pay attention to you.

Your subject line is going to do this by igniting curiosity and communicating benefits.

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Competition is Never Healthy for Your Fitness Business

Ever heard the lie about how competition is healthy?

It’s pretty common among trainers to believe that a bit of competition around the corner is a good way to keep you motivated and driven to grow your business and get more clients.

And I can see where people are coming from with that. It definitely sounds like a great way to light a fire underneath someone who isn’t doing everything they can to make their business as big and as successful as possible.

Athlete muscular sportsmen man and woman with hands clasped arm wrestling challenge between a young couple Crossfit fitness sport training lifestyle bodybuilding concept.Sure, we all fall into slumps sometimes and need a bit of encouragement to keep working on our business instead of letting it sit stagnant. But if you believe competition is healthy, then you are, my friend, incredibly mistaken.

If you really think about what you’re saying when you tell yourself, “It’s O.K. to have competition, it keeps my business healthy and makes me work harder,” you’ll realize that all you’re really doing is making an excuse for your mediocrity.

Because deep down, I’ll bet you realize that if you truly fulfilled your potential and actually put everything you had into your business you could become the most known, respected, and paid trainer in your town.

And when you’re the absolute best in town people are going to choose you over your competitors which means some of them are liable to go out of business.

So what you’re really saying to yourself is this: “I’m not good enough to put all these other shmucks out of business, there are still hundreds of people who choose their training over mine, but that’s O.K. because competition is healthy.”

And that, my friend, is atrocious.

How the HELL are you O.K. with the fact that hundreds of people in your town, maybe even thousands, think that you’re second rate?

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Birthday Sale

Hey Bedros here :-)

I hope you’re doing good! This weekend I turn 41 years old… I don’t mind getting older because I still feel 28 and act like I’m 8 at times.

However, I wanted to do something special for you, the readers of my blog and everyone who subscribes to my email broadcasts.

And it’s a good opportunity to do something really cool for my favorite cause Shriners Hospital for Children.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know that I rarely have sales or discount my fitness business building programs. However, this being my birthday weekend and all, I wanted to do something big for our industry and for a cause that’s really near and dear to my heart.

So I’m taking 50% off my entire line of client getting products, programs, and software. PLUS, I’m donating $41 of every sale to Shriners Hospital for Children.

If you don’t know about Shriners, let me tell you a little bit about them and all the good they do in the world.

I first heard about Shriners back in 2007 from a friend who’s child was born with spinal deformation that caused him to be wheelchair bound the rest of his life. The cost of the medical procedures needed to help my friend’s son were astronomical.

However Shiners Hospital for Children did not take a dime, not for the medical procedures and not for the custom wheel chair. Currently there are eleven Shriners Children’s Hospital across the nation and they never turn a way a child and their family for any medical services no matter their income and inability to pay. Shriner’s is privately funded, never taking money from federal or local government.

Folks like you and me keep Shriners operating.

In fact one of their biggest contributors is Justin Timberlake. My goal is to be a close second to Justin :-)

Since 2007 I’ve supported Shriners and their cause through donations from my live events like Fitness Business Summit, product sales, and by matching donations throughout the year.

And while over the years they’ve sent us several plaques and trophies representing specific financial donation milestones – the biggest “thing” that keeps me excited about giving to Shriners is knowing that a child is never turned away. It feels good to know that families who’s children needs serious medical attention of any kind, can get the highest level of treatment available to anyone regardless of their financial state.

No child in need is ever turned away from Shriners… and that to me is the biggest reward.

So when you pick up any of the programs down below for 50% off, we’ll donate $41 from every sale to Shriners Hospital for Children.

However, like all good things this sale has to come to an end. So be sure put your order in before this Thursday at 11:59 PM PST.

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