The Incredible Money Making Power of the Transformation Challenge

transformation-challengeI’ve got an awesome guest blog for you today all about the money making power of a Transformation Challenge.

Josh Carter, a long-time friend and body transformation expert is going to tell you everything you need to know about using a weight loss and fitness challenges and leveraging its client getting powers to bring in tens of thousands of dollars in recurring income into your fitness business.

(Check out his website when you’re finished with the read, tons of other awesome resources to see there: www.fitproclientgenerator.com)

Hello there, Josh here.

Did you know the fitness industry is primed to make over 22 BILLION dollars in 2015?  That’s Billion, with a “B.” 

Do you know when the greatest spike in memberships is?  Of course you do— it’s January. Some places will see a 30-50% increase in traffic with the second week in January seeing the biggest spike.

And you know why, too: It’s because people are feeling fat and guilty for eating (and drinking) like wild hogs over the holidays, compounded by the fact they did more of the same throughout the year.  So hitting the gym will be their ‘redemption.’

But it never lasts. The second week of February is always the biggest “quit week” of every year.  That means, all those people who were all fired up in January have given up just a few short weeks later.

Industry wide, less than 18% actually stick with the programs they sign up with.  And that just sucks.  (For the record, my January retention rate is over 80% AND I’ll share my secret below, so keep reading…)

moSo those sobering statistics presents trainers like you and me with a few potential issues: how to take advantage of the January spike, get the biggest slice of the 22 billion dollar pie, and how to get those people to stick around beyond that second deadly week of February.

If we can overcome these obstacles, not only will we be able to help more people in our community become healthier, fitter and ultimately happier, but we can enjoy more freedom in our own lives knowing we are financially set for the long-term.

So how can we capitalize on the January spike and increase client compliance and improve retention?  That, boys and girls, is why I developed my Transformation Challenge System:  A complete client transformation & retention system that keeps clients engaged throughout challenges, torches their body fat, and keeps them around for the long haul.

What is a Challenge?

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The Secret to Hard Selling Personal Training Without Ever Feeling Guilty

If I asked you to picture the sleaziest, scummiest, crummiest professionalSalespeople who makes a living swindling poor, unsuspecting folks out of their hard earned money, what type of individual would come to mind? Used car salesmen? Insurance salesmen? Just salespeople in general?

Thought so.

But hold on a minute, that is not at all a fair assessment of these people.

Think for a minute about what sales truly is. One individual trying to show another how a product or service will help, improve, advance, transform his or her life!

But we know this. We’re fitness professionals who sell lifestyles to people every day. And we aren’t cheating anyone; we aren’t robbing people we’re helping them!

Ok, ok, there are always bad eggs out there. Used car salesmen got their reputation for a reason. And salespeople certainly have a few in their ranks who make a bad name for the entire profession.

Our society has been ingrained with a deep-seeded aversion to salespeople.

And this is bad for us— really bad. Because while you might be saying, “Hang on a minute, I don’t work in sales. I am a fitness expert who studies the body and nutrition, and all my training involves science, processes and practices that teach people how to achieve their fitness goals and improve their standard of living. I wear gym shorts, not a suit: I am not a salesman,” you’re dead wrong.

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Know, Like, and Trust: What Every Fitness Professional Needs from their Clients

Are there any brands or companies that you continually return to, offering up your patronage time and time again even though there are plenty of other options? Do you make more expensive choices just Brand Loyaltybecause you prefer one commodity to another?

What is it about these companies or businesses that encourage you to be such a loyal customer?

I’ll bet I know what.

First of all, you probably keep using those businesses because you are familiar with them. They make you feel comfortable, you know how they work and you have used their services before. You don’t feel the need to try anything new.

Secondly, there’s another very simple reason you might stick to those businesses: you prefer them. You enjoy their services, you like their products, and you don’t want to use anything else.

Lastly, you are confident in them. You can be sure that you will get what you need and that if anything goes wrong or if you have any sort of issue, they’re going to take care of you and make sure you are perfectly happy.

Or, more simply put: You know, like, and trust them.

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Getting out of the Zone: Forsaking Comfort for Success

You will never discover legitimate success in life, in work, or in love, you will never feel accomplished, satisfied or complete, you will never consider yourself a happy person or a joyful individual, and you will never make large amounts of money, if you never get out of comfort zoneyour zone— your comfort zone.

Nothing is ever going to happen inside your zone. Nothing exciting, nothing groundbreaking, and nothing life changing will ever come to be if you remain within the zone. If you hope to do well in life, to succeed as a father or mother, as a member of the workforce or a business owner, or to be a successful fitness professional and entrepreneur, you absolutely must pull, tug, bite, rip, tear, fight your way out of your comfort zone.

There is no other method for learning new things, no alternative for developing unfamiliar skills, and no other way to set yourself up for success.

Get out of the zone. It’s how millionaires make their money, it’s how leaders inspire followers, and it’s the only way to bring change into your life. If you ever want to transform the person you are today into the individual you wish to become then you must, without a doubt, without compromise, and without hesitation, break free from the lockbox that is your comfort zone.

The reason I am pushing you so forcefully and encouraging your change so vehemently is that most people will never break out of their zone. There may be a few moments throughout their lives where they try something new or begin an unfamiliar project, but an overwhelming majority of these people quit. Maybe it happens right away, sometimes they keep it up for weeks or a few months, but most individuals will quit anything new, challenging, or unfamiliar. Continue reading

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Black Friday Sale 2014

Save 50% On All My Client Getting and Fitness Business Programs TODAY

Hey friends it’s that time of year where you can grow your personal training or boot camp business and SAVE 50% on my best selling business programs.

A few years ago I got into the spirit of Black Friday (reluctantly) and decided to have a sales on all of my best selling fitness marketing, client getting, and business boosting programs and products. Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.53.01 AM

But rather than taking 20 or 30 percent off, I decided to cut the prices of all of my programs in half just for this weekend – AND I’M DONATING A PORTION OF THE SALES TO MY FAVORITE CAUSE, SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN.

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Mastering Affiliate Marketing in the Fitness Industry

word of mouthI’m sure many of you have heard it said, or even said yourself, that personal training businesses and fitness businesses are best marketed through word-of-mouth.

And there are some fitness businesses that do well on word-of-mouth alone and do not utilize a structured marketing plan.

But remember, “I’m Bedros Keuilian, Fitness Business Marketing Expert,” and if you know anything about me and what I teach, I don’t ever tell people to rely on word-of-mouth alone.

But today, I am going to tell you to rely on word-of-mouth. HOWEVER, this isn’t your ordinary grassroots movement I’m talking about here. In my online marketing world, we have our own version of word-of-mouth that has the potential to operate on a massive scale.

I’m teaching you today about Affiliate Marketing.

“Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way to grow your online business.”


This statement was the core message of Rick Kaselj’s presentation at our Online Info Blueprint seminar held earlier this month. He is a master at finding, managing, and using affiliates.

He is incredibly successful because of it.

And that is why I am going to teach you all about it. Continue reading

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Has Your Fitness Business Sprung a Leak?

This week I sent out an email to my team at the Fit Body Boot Camp Headquarters warning them about the dangers of a leaky ship.sinnking compressed

“A small leak,” I told them, “can sink a big ship.”

It’s easy to compare the running of my companies to captaining a ship. Just as a captain must stay on course and control an entire crew of hundreds or even thousands, I have employees and businesses and multiple projects all operating at the same time. I must coordinate and give orders, I make tough decisions and steer my companies where I believe they should go.

So far we haven’t hit any icebergs, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t encountered issues, even sprung some leaks, so to speak.

And just as a small leak, left unchecked, can sink the biggest ship, small issues in my companies left unfixed can become disastrous. If I’m not extremely diligent leaks will spring up all over my companies, money will spill out from dozens of holes, production will collapse, and if this all goes on long enough I could lose everything.

And if such small issues can have a huge effect on my companies, think of how those very same issues might affect smaller businesses like a one-on-one personal training business or even a single Fit Body Boot Camp location.

In businesses likes these, or if we continue my metaphor, in ships of this size, a small leak is an even bigger threat.

Maybe you’re letting clients cancel on you last minute for free, after you have driven across town or rented a space to train. Maybe your employees show up late every other day or aren’t working as hard as you expect and demand. Perhaps you’ve given up on maintaining your email list and now you aren’t getting any new customers signing up for your Boot Camps. Whatever the issue, even if it seems small, will eventually cause major problems.

So what should our response be? How should we deal with our little leaks?

Abandon ship?

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7 Life-Changing Habits to Transform Your Fitness Business Ideas Into Realties

Picture this:Glowing Screen

It’s late on a Friday night.

You’ve worked all day, you have trained all your clients, but you’re still sitting there at your desk. As the sunlight around you dims the light from your computer screen fills your dark office and an unfinished email sits glaring back at you, its flashing curser beckoning you to continue, to finish, to go home.

But you don’t see any of this. You don’t notice the sunset or your shining computer screen, you don’t even realize that the entire place is empty, because your thoughts are elsewhere.

Right now, all you can think about is the fantastic fitness business idea you have been planning and tweaking for years.

It’s the same idea you’ve had for a decade now. It’s what you would rather be doing instead of working for this gym or training these clients. It’s your best idea, your big one, your Eureka, that no one else has tried and that you know would be a smashing success.

But even after all this time, it is still nothing more than an idea in your head distracting you from your work.

Sound familiar?

If this is you, or in any way similar to you, then listen up.

I’m about to tell you exactly what you need to know so that you can get out of that chair, out of that horrible office or gym or wherever, and start kicking ass with your awesome fitness business idea.

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Which of These Things is Keeping You from Selling Personal Training at a Higher Price?

I talk to a lot of personal trainers and fitness boot camp owners who think they’re stuck selling personal training at rock bottom prices. They’re trying to compete with every other trainer or gym in the area by cutting prices, they’re trying to get by on what they make from low-barrier offers and trial deals and they have no idea if they’ll be in business next year because they’re barely making it now.

In talking with these trainers, I’ve found that, for the most part, they have one of two things keeping them from selling personal training at a higher price point.

A – They doubt their own value, so they’re afraid to sell bigger programs.

B – They don’t understand their service’s value, so they focus on selling the wrong thing.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.38.37 PMIn the first case, are trainers who are either surrounded by negativity, have negative talk going on in their own heads or both. That’s really tough to fight, but it can be overcome. I went through a serious time with it myself when I was starting out. I had learning disabilities that had chipped away at my self-confidence since I was a kid. I had failed at being an entrepreneur before. Twice. I had a few (not many, but enough) people around me telling me that my ideas wouldn’t work.

But I not only learned to sell my programs for a higher price, I also learned how to sell at a higher price than everyone else was charging. How? I took a more realistic look at my value.

What I can tell you is this: your self-limiting thoughts (or those people have put in your head) are just that: thoughts. Their only power is the power you give them. What that means is that you are actually in control of them, so stop acting like it’s the other way around.

Are you knowledgeable about fitness and fat loss? Do you care about your clients? Can you and will you deliver on the promises you make to them? Do you know what it will take to get your clients to their goals? Are you committed to doing that?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you can learn everything else that you’re not so great at, like marketing and closing sales. But you have no reason to question your value as a trainer because you just admitted that you’re an awesome trainer and awesome trainers aren’t as common as you think. Continue reading

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Will You Know How to Sell Personal Training in 2015?

There are two days early in my career that I will never forget. The first was the day I found out that I wasn’t really selling personal training. The second was the day someone showed me how to.

That first day, I was working as a personal trainer in a big box gym. In the middle of my lunchtime in the office, a man walked in and asked me about training packages. I was scared and I was excited and I almost passed out when I told him about the top-tier package, which was about $5000, and he asked where to sign.

I can’t tell you how freaked out I was that I had actually sold the guy the most expensive package. I was on top of the world because I thought I was a bad ass since I just “closed” a massive personal training program.

I was wrong… I sold nothing…

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.22.41 PMI can’t tell you how despondent I was when he came back a short time later and pointed out that I hadn’t actually sold him the package; he had walked in intending to buy.

In fact the words he used where: “kid you’re an order taker, all you did right there was take my order, you are not a closer”.

I felt deflated and defeated until the man stuck a cassette tape in my hand and basically told me that I had the passion and drive I needed; I just needed to learn the art of selling personal training.

That man, was Jim Franco – a personal training client and one of my greatest mentors in business.

That tape he handed me was of Tom Hopkins teaching closing techniques. At that time, he was one of the few people teaching the staffs of big corporations how to close deals. What he had to say on that tape began a process during which I went from him to Tony Robbins to Dan Kennedy and onward, learning something new about selling and closing from every one of them. It changed my life.

Of all of the people who come to my workshops, summits, and seminars, who sign up for my newsletters or sign up for coaching, so few really understand the difference between marketing and selling.

They’re not getting the sales they need and they think they have a marketing problem, when in reality you have a SELLING problem. Their conversion rates are way too low. So they spend dollar after dollar on newer and better marketing strategies, trying to get a huge enough number of leads that their poor conversion rates will still pay the bills.

That’s a stupid way to run your fitness business. Trust me, I know, that’s how I ran mine until Jim Franco came into my life.

If you see yourself in that scenario, I want to ask you two questions.

Are you getting plenty of leads, but just not turning those leads into clients?

If so, then you don’t have a marketing problem; you have a selling problem. Which brings me to the second question: will you know how to sell personal training in 2015 or will you suffer and squander as other trainers take your clients? Continue reading

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