Information Marketing: So Easy a Personal Trainer Could do it

Seriously though, do you realize how easy it is for Fit Pros to profit from an info product?

Our profession is PERFECT for creating and selling information products. If you’ve been in business for any reasonable amount of time you already have everything you need to make a pretty nice chuck of change without a whole of work.

If you think an information product is too hard or too complicated then you must not really understand how the whole thing works because if you did you’d be bringing in a whole second income without too much time or effort.

Here's one of my own Info Products!

Here’s one of my own Info Products!

If you don’t believe me then keep reading because I’m going to show you how to take the knowledge and the resources you already have and turn them into an info product that generates thousands of dollars in passive income.

First you need an idea for your product. And before you freak out, this is a lot simpler than it sounds.

Have you EVER had an idea or even some inspiration for any kind of content that would benefit your clients? It could be a book of workouts, recipes, any content or product that might help people lose weight, build muscle, or be more successful at your training?

I’m sure you’ve written out workout plans, nutrition plans, all kinds of resources that your clients use to get better results. You probably just gave that away, right?

Well, if you’ve got anything remotely similar to this type of content then your product is already half made.

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The Evolution of a Personal Trainer

Most strangers out there have absolutely no clue what we personal trainers do. They just go on living their lives without a thought for the amount of people we help and the lives we change every day.

the fingerAnd that’s perfectly fine (obviously some people aren’t going to know much about us, right?) UNTIL those people come around and try telling us how to fix our industry.

See, I recently had a chat with someone who told me that the personal fitness industry was just too young, that is wasn’t evolved enough to be a truly profitable and reliable industry.

And while I was able to stay calm and reasonable talking to this person, it took everything in me not to simply give the guy The Finger and walk away.

I mean, the guy was dead wrong, but I really didn’t feel like wasting my time trying to tell him that. Besides, I had a highly evolved and complex industry to get back to.

But I do want to take the time and tell you why I love our industry and why I believe it’s come incredibly far in the few years since its birth.

Not because I need to pump myself up or gratify my vanity but simply because I want to make sure you know what to say if some jerk ever tells you our industry is too young to be worth anything.

Or, even worse, if you yourself have begun to lose faith in what you’ll be able to accomplish as a fitness professional, I want to make sure you’re proud of what we have accomplished and excited about what’s to come.

Ok, so what exactly am I trying to say here? Continue reading

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How to Achieve Anything and Own Your Dream Fitness Business

People are always asking me about the secrets that make my coaching clients so hugely successful at such a fast pace.

And I will admit, from the outside it looks pretty crazy when a trainer that no one has ever head of before is all of the sudden making multiple six figures and opening up their second, third and even fourth boot camp or training center.

When fitness pros join my business coaching programs they’re usually doing just alright…but not great.

Then after a few private meetings or mastermind sessions behind closed doors it’s like they emerge completely transformed with a new mindset, a solid business plan and enough drive and determination to put their competition out of business.

B Teaching MMThey go in mediocre and return with the ability to build six figure businesses at the snap of their fingers.

Make no mistake about it though – they work hard. But they work hard on a proven plan and system that consistently delivers results.

“Outsiders” usually think there’s some kind of cheat, or some single secret that transforms these trainers and their businesses overnight.

And I guess in a certain sense that’s true…

But it doesn’t have anything to do with the business secrets and advice I offer.

Yeah, my coaching clients definitely benefit from the profit maximizing systems and client getting funnels I share with them—they’re all able to operate better businesses because of that—but their amazing transformations have more to do with a simple mindset shift.

See, I get my clients to think about their work, their businesses, their projects with one particular perspective, and that’s really the ‘special pill’ or the ‘super drug’ that transforms them overnight.

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7 Ways Personal Trainers Can Get More Referrals

If you aren’t getting referrals then there is something fundamentally wrong with your fitness business.

It’s not just incredibly important for your own survival to have plenty of referrals, but it’s also an indicator of how healthily your business is operating.

If you’re getting most things right and your business is even remotely successful, then you should be getting regular referrals. If not, there is definitely something wrong with your business.

Get_More_Clients_Now-608x2431If you aren’t getting as many referrals as you would like or think you should have, try these 7 strategies for boosting your referral generation.

#1 – Results

This one is pretty dang simple. If you want your clients to tell people about your training then you’ve got to deliver the results they’re after. No one is going to bring their friends or family to training that doesn’t work.

#2 – Make Referrals a Condition of Training with You

Set it up from day one: when people train with you they refer for you. Simple as that.

Let your clients know that you don’t simply train to help one person, or a few people, you’re trying to make a difference in your entire community. And make sure they understand that anyone who trains at your facility is a part of that communal goal.

#3 – Handwritten Thank You Cards

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Personal Trainers Can’t Get Rich

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.25.11 PM

When you first considered becoming a personal trainer, what was the biggest thing holding you back from perusing a career in the fitness industry?

Were you worried about negative stereotypes? Did people tell you there was no future in personal training? Were you afraid to open your own business?

See, I’m pretty sure you weren’t all that worried about any of these ‘problems.’ You didn’t care what others thought, you had the confidence to run your own business, and you defy stereotypes; these weren’t the problem.

personal trainer moneyThere was probably one issue that got in the way though, didn’t it?

As with most people considering training as a career, there’s one major concern that always seems to hold them back: Personal Training Doesn’t Pay.

We’ve all heard that, right? There’s no money in the fitness industry. There’s too much competition, the big box gyms are too cheap, clients can’t afford real personal training rates, and on and on.

There are a million and one reasons why people believe personal trainers can’t make any money.

And when you look at the numbers, you might think those people are right. Salary.com reports that half of all personal trainers make less that $27 an hour, about $55K a year. Not much for someone trying to support a family and live a reasonable lifestyle.

75% of all personal trainers make less than $33 an hour. That still isn’t much of a raise and that’s nearly every personal trainer working in the industry.

But there are a select few who do much, much better.

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How I Do It All

Some might say that I’m a lucky guy…

…but I just think that our community has been really awesome to me over the years, and so I wanted to help everyone back.

To say THANK YOU, I’m answering a question I get quite often by those who have been following me for a while.

How do you do it all? 



I sincerely hope that what I share with you here will give you the confidence and action steps you need to make your dreams come true, too.

My business isn’t that complicated, even though it’s quite large these days, it’s not that complicated.

In fact, that’s the first lesson I can share with you…

With several businesses under my belt and many of them making multiple 7 figures a year, I’ve always preferred businesses that are not complicated but rather simple in design and easy to deploy and operate.

If I can’t clearly explain my business model to you in a 30 second conversation then it’s likely not one I’m willing to start.  Continue reading

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31 Ways to Build a Better Personal Training Business

Holy freaking crap, this weekend was INCREDIBLE!

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15

To all those who shared that incredible experience with me, wow, thank you so much for coming and being a part of such a powerful event.

I can say with absolute certainty that this was the best FBS we’ve had yet.

With nearly 700 trainers and coaches from 12 different countries in attendance this was like putting on a three day long wedding where your guests have paid to attend and therefore have expectations…. lol.

I’m happy to say that after speaking to hundreds of attendees Fitness Business Summit 15 surpassed all expectations!

Fitness Business Summit Day 3 #FBS15Ian Weinberg was the lucky winner of the brand new Land Rover— damn that thing was beautiful… Then there were all the folks who got a piece of the $3,000 we gave away each day throughout the event.

And we can’t forget to congratulate the incredible Nisan Trotter, winner of this year’s Personal Trainer of the Year Award. My man Nisan!

Speaking of the speakers, they were the best we’ve ever had by far. Captivating, inspiring, motivating— they did wonderfully. We learned so much from the stories they shared and the business secrets and systems they offered; I know all of you who had a chance to hear them will probably be doubling  and redoubling your business in the next year.

If you didn’t get a change to hear all of their incredible information, I’ve got you covered, don’t worry. In a couple weeks the video footage from FBS15 will go on sale for a very short time. That will be your ONLY chance to get it before we pull it off the market.

Until then, this post has 31 tips, straight from our speakers, that will help you build a bigger personal training business. (And even at 31 this is still just a very small taste of what they shared with us.)

Let’s start with our first speaker… Me! Lucky me, I took the stage first and opened up with my annual State of the Industry Address. Here’s some of what I taught: Continue reading

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So Many Trainers Abandon this Incredible Marketing Tool

If you’re a Personal Trainer it’s an absolute must to be good with people, right? We’ve already talked about this: A great trainer is a great people person. But if you really want to expand your fitness business into something remarkable you’ve got to make use of those finely tuned social skills far beyond the walls of your studio.

Why is this important? Well, it’s easy to fall into the habit of seclusion. Maybe you can’t stand other trainers or boot camp owners in your area, maybe you loath the local business owners who operate near you, or, like so many others, you just don’t enjoy talking to strangers.

NetworkAll those situations are perfectly faultless. No one says you have to like people you don’t get along with and no one can blame you for being unwilling to push yourself into awkward and uncomfortable situations.

But while it may be OK not to like any of these situations it isn’t OK if you never learn how to get over those dislikes.

Sorry folks, but this isn’t the type of business that allows you keep to yourself all the time.

So if you’re shy or feel awkward or uncomfortable, or maybe you just don’t care enough to make the effort, you’ve got to get past all that.

Have I ever told you that I consider myself to be socially awkward? Yeah, in fact, I CAN’T STAND challenging social situations. The first time I had to speak at FBS I just about had a heart attack.

But guess what: I got over it! Because I needed to. Not because it was good for me or because I felt the need to break out of my shell. No, I broke through my social qualms because my business required it.

Just like yours requires the same of you.

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Why are Some Trainers so Incredible?

What makes a fantastic trainer? What is it that allows a select few personal trainers to be, far and away, the absolute best at what we do?

I think we all know it isn’t certifications. Education is crucially important, of course, but even mountains of knowledge won’t translate into fantastic training. You might know just what a client needs, but if they don’t respond to your training, you’ll never see results.

pt_of_the_yearBut I think that puts us on to something here. If certs don’t make you a good trainer because they don’t teach you to motivate clients, then we know what makes a good trainer: someone who knows how to motivate.

And that makes perfect sense, right? We basically make a living convincing, coercing, or otherwise influencing people to do things they really, really don’t want to do. People hire us because they either can’t or don’t want to be held accountable for their own exercise needs.

So a good trainer is someone who can get their clients to work hard, even when they don’t want to.

But what does it take to be that kind of person? The kind of person who has the power to motivate, encourage, and push clients, without alienating, annoying, or offending them? That’s a pretty delicate balance of influence and understanding, right?

Because different people all respond to different kinds of encouragement; what gets one guy fired up to give it his all could put a different client in tears.

So we’ve got to have the ability to read our clients. We have to talk with them, ask them the right questions, find out what kind of people they are, decide what we think will motivate them, and then use that knowledge to get them to work hard. All without offending or disappointing them.

That’s a pretty tall order.

But we’re finally getting somewhere here. I think we’ve pinpointed what truly separates the best trainers from the good trainers: it’s the ability to work with people.

In other words, it’s being a people person.

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Have You Created Your Own Fitness Brand?

If I asked a client of yours to describe you in one sentence and one sentence only, what do you think they would say?

Would they say something like, “A great trainer,” or would they say, “A great friend who helps me train?”

BrandBoth of these responses don’t appear to be bad, but which do you think is better?

Honestly, it all depends.

It all depends on who you want to be and, more importantly, who your clients want you to be.

Because who you are, or at the very least, the person your clients think you are, should really be more an aspect of your marketing plan than your personality.

You should be genuine, but you should also be the person you want your clients to perceive. If you behave with a particular personality based on what your clientele will respond to, you will get you more clients and you will get your clients more results.

If you don’t believe me or aren’t sure what I mean, here’s an example:

What comes to mind if I mention a brand like, say, Starbucks? Your mind was probably just flooded with images of roasting beans, the smell of brewing coffee, the sound of espresso machines, maybe even the colors green and brown— you see a complete image of this brand based on your personal experience with them.

But if Starbucks’ PR team has done their job right, you should also instantly think of certain ideologies and philosophies, like community, independent thinking, sustainability, moral and ethical business practices; all these ideals are associated with Starbucks because of who they proclaim to be and the presence they exude within the global business community.

In other words, Starbucks has created a complete brand image, both in and out of their locations, that has been burned into our minds. And this image continues to attract a certain kind of customer.

And I know, drawing a comparison between you, an individual, and one of the world’s largest companies, is a bit of a stretch. But my point here is that it’s possible to create a brand image, a conception of you within your client’s minds, that will make you a more successful trainer.

So how exactly can you apply this principle to your business?

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