Black Friday Sale – 2015

Save 50% On All My Client Getting and Fitness Business Programs TODAY

Hey friends it’s that time of year where you can grow your personal training or boot camp business and SAVE 50% on my best selling business programs.

A few years ago I got into the spirit of Black Friday (reluctantly) and decided to have a sales on all of my best selling fitness marketing, client getting, and business boosting programs and products. Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.53.01 AM But rather than taking 20 or 30 percent off, I decided to cut the prices of all of my programs in half just for this weekend – AND I’M DONATING A PORTION OF THE SALES TO MY FAVORITE CAUSE, SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN.

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How to Use the Yes Principle to Close More Clients

Today I want to give you more training clients without you having to spend a single extra penny or work a single extra second.

Does that sound good?

Great, here’s how I’m going to do it:

I’m going to show you a little trick that you can include in every sales presentation from now on.

Like it said, it’s a trick that requires now extra money and no extra effort on your part.

It’s called the Yes Principle.

Say yes concept with businessman staying at horyzon

The Yes Principle works like this: any time you’re trying to sell someone on something, you’re working towards a big fat YES when you go in for the close, right? And if you want to get that YES, you need to warm up your prospect ahead of time.

And the way you warm up your prospect is by leaving a trail of mini yeses leading up to the big YES… almost like a trail of bread crumbs.

The reason why the Yes Principle works is because the human mind is mostly driven by patterns, so if you get your prospect into a pattern of saying “yes” they’ll naturally want to say “yes” to your final question – the close.

And to help you put the Yes Principle to work I’m going to show you 5 simple questions you can work into your sales presentation to put your prospect into the “yes” pattern.

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The 2 Stories You Must Tell if You’re Selling an Info Product

Stories are more memorable than facts.

Want people to remember a fact? Stick it in a good story.

People connect with stories by default. It takes a ton of work to make people care about facts (why do you think the news channels have so many entertainment programs?) story word in metal type

So learn to tell stories. Learn to sell with stories. 

The fact is that you have an idea for an info product…or maybe you even have the product already. The fact is that you’ve used your unique knowledge and skills to create something that will change a lot of people’s lives.

The fact is also that you can make yourself a great living off your idea if you know how to sell your idea.

What is the story that connects all these facts?

What is the story you can tell your prospects so that they’ll buy your product and give back some of the enormous value you’re giving them?

I know what the story is, and I’m going to explain to you.

Actually, it’s two stories…

Two stories: the Nightmare Story and the Dream Story.

Think of them a little like Good Cop, Bad Cop… they both have the same goal, but two totally different ways of getting there. And both halves depend on each other.

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5 Tricks That Will Take Your Video Sales Letter to the Next Level

I can make your video sales letter get more sales than it’s ever gotten before…

I just need to you pay attention to the 5 all-important tricks I’m about to give you.

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of you fitness business owners are going for video over everything else. You don’t want to blog, you’ve already automated your email, and you certainly don’t want to mail out letters.

Retro TV with an antenna, wooden Cabinet, vintagePersonally, I’m all about having as many poles in the water as I can get…

But I understand – video is fun! And it’s getting a lot of attention right now. You probably already know this, but I’m big on YouTube marketing.

But I gotta tell you…video sales letters require just as much care and technique as any kind of written content.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 5 amazing tricks you can use to take your VSL to the next level.

Trick #1 – The Benefit Headline


What, you thought headlines were only for articles and blog posts?

Nope, headlines are just as important for videos – if not more so.

Think of all the millions upon millions of videos on the internet. Why should anybody watch yours?

You’ve got to grab their attention with the title – or headline – of your video. And I’m going to show you a simple, proven formula for doing that. 

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What Chimpanzees Can Teach You About Your Fitness Business

Chimpanzees and successful fitness business owners both have the same reputation problem… We’re both seen as mean, aggressive, and unsophisticated.Chimpanzee portrait

This stereotype drives me crazy for two reasons:

One, it’s simply not true (which I’ll explain below).

Two, it holds people back from reaching their full potential because they don’t want to “look like one of those guys.”

Have you ever hidden your true potential from the world because you didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings or get in anyone’s way?

I’m sure for most you the answer yes. Yes, you have hidden your true potential.

Which means you’ve been lied to. You’ve been duped. You’ve been cheated of the wonderful, abundant life you deserve. 

I want you to get what you deserve, which is why I want you to learn from chimpanzees.

You see, scientists have studied chimpanzees and found out that they are actually very wise, calculating, sophisticated creatures…

And the truth is, this is also true of successful fitness business owners…

So forget about the stereotype and learn why you can AND SHOULD dominate your market.

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Why the Franchise Model Is Broken (And How I’ll Fix It)

Earlier this week I spent two days in Scottsdale Arizona for a small meeting/workshop environment with many of the world’s top thought leaders and business folk…

tony-robbinsIn the room you had Tony Robbins, John Paul DeJoria (founder of Paul Mitchel hair product), Dan Sullivan, Brendon Burchard, Peter Diamandis, Dean Graziosi and the likes.

Heavy hitters indeed and some of the greatest contributors to society in modern times.

We all took ten minutes or so to share about what’s working in our business, what we’re doing next and the role and responsibility that business leaders, the internet, social media and thought leaders have on the current generation and our economy.

To be honest, the whole thing was very surreal to me.

Talk about feeling like a small fish in a big pond. And that’s exactly how I like to feel, because that’s when I get the best idea, breakthrough, and determination to play up yet another level.

And it was the ‘big fish’ in that room that committed to promoting my first book next year when it comes out. WOW!

But the point of this post is not about any of that… it’s about YOU.

I want to take a moment to talk about how franchise businesses work in this country. Quite frankly, I think the current franchise model is broken, which is why I’ve set out to do it differently.

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Why Your Direct Response Marketing Needs Awesome Content

Do your Direct Response Marketing the right way, and you will completely dominate your path. Do it the wrong way, and you’ll go out of business.

People can get very confused by Direct Response Marketing…and as much as I’m tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt, I think it comes down to laziness.

They hear the short version – set up a Direct Response mechanism so you can measure and improve your prospects’ response to your marketing – and then they use it as an excuse to cut corners.

“Great!” they say, “Now I don’t have to worry about all that complicated branding stuff. I can just set up a handful of offers and pour all my energy into refining those.”

Nope, sorry, doesn’t work that way.

content red square grunge textured isolated stamp

Direct Response Marketing is incredibly powerful, but it’s only one step in the process. 

You see, Direct Response Marketing only works when it’s backed up by the Know, Like and Trust factor.

You can have the most finely tuned offer in the world, but if your overall marketing strategy still amounts to a total stranger asking for a sale – forget it! You’re out of business!

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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Personal Training Prospects

I have this rule: I call it the “one third” rule and it goes like this…

1/3 of your prospects will always buy personal training or boot camp.

1/3 are undecided and simply need to be shown and demonstrated value.

And the final 1/3 of your prospects will never buy (unless you know how to sell).

Now, if you run a fitness business and think that you can simply survive and grow a business by only selling to the first 1/3 who will buy from you, then you’re in for some serious financial trouble.

Unless you know how to demonstrate value, overcome objections, present your prices and programs and ask for the sale you’re never going to covert the other two thirds of prospects into paying clients…

…and that means they’re either going to go train with your competitors, or they’re simply going to do nothing – which means you failed to do your part as a fitness pros and business owner.

Asking to close the sale is the easiest question in the world…

Question mark iconAssuming you do it right.

Remember, when you go in for the close you should already know that the answer is yes. If you already know the answer, that’s a pretty easy question, right?

But of course the real craft of selling comes from preparing your prospect to say “yes” to the close in the first place.

So to prepare your prospect to say “yes,” you need to ask the right questions before the close.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that a key part of any successful fitness sales system is that you, the “closer”, do only 40% of the talking and spend most of that time asking questions.

So today, I’m going to explain which questions you should be asking.

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Why You Need to Do the Work

Not reaching your full potential is failure.

You’ve been given a gift… a gift to transform lives! To motivate and inspire people to action!

And that’s why you’ve chosen to forgo having a job and building someone else’s dream in exchange for being an entrepreneur and building YOUR fitness business.

You started off with a mission to help hundreds and thousands of people achieve their fitness, fat loss and health goals. You know that’s your purpose in life…

…that’s what you were put on this planet to do!

Kettle bell back view

But now you’re stressing out about money, clients, competition and feeling burnt out.


Sure, being a business owner isn’t easy. That’s why the majority choose to stay average and join the sea of mediocrity by having a job and working for someone else.

Others will go their whole life knowing they’re gifted and destined for more… but they’ll never take the leap like you have to realize their destiny and share their gift with the world.

Fear of failure, fear of criticism and fear of not being good enough has crippled the majority of people and forced them to give into being average.

But not you. You’ve chosen the path of entrepreneurship because you know what your gift is and you’re hell bent on sharing it with the world.

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3 Rules that Make or Break Every Sale

Hey everybody, quick question: are you closing 9 out of every 10 prospects that walk through your door?person going to do fitness behind magic doorway background


Well, my friend, you need to fix that.

The fitness industry is growing every day. It’s a HOT market, which also means it’s a TOUGH market. It’s a market where only one kind of person survives: the closer.

And if you want to be a closer, you need to close 9 out of every 10 prospects.

And whatever your closing rate is now, I want to help make you a closer.

That’s why today I want cover 3 simple rules that make or break every sale. If you aren’t closing 9 out of 10 already then you DEFINITELY need to review these rules and keep them in mind for your next sale!

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