5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Prospects

Asking to close the sale is the easiest question in the world…

Question mark iconAssuming you do it right.

Remember, when you go in for the close you should already know that the answer is yes. If you already know the answer, that’s a pretty easy question, right?

But of course the real craft of selling comes from preparing your prospect to say “yes” to the close.

So to prepare your prospect to say “yes,” you need to ask the right questions before the close.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that a key part of any successful sales pitch is that you, the salesperson, do only 40% of the talking and spend most of that time asking questions.

So today, I’m going to explain which questions you should be asking.

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Why You Need to Do the Work

Not reaching your full potential is failure.

You’ve been given a gift… a gift to transform lives! To motivate and inspire people to action!

And that’s why you’ve chosen to forgo having a job and building someone else’s dream in exchange for being an entrepreneur and building YOUR fitness business.

You started off with a mission to help hundreds and thousands of people achieve their fitness, fat loss and health goals. You know that’s your purpose in life…

…that’s what you were put on this planet to do!

Kettle bell back view

But now you’re stressing out about money, clients, competition and feeling burnt out.


Sure, being a business owner isn’t easy. That’s why the majority choose to stay average and join the sea of mediocrity by having a job and working for someone else.

Others will go their whole life knowing they’re gifted and destined for more… but they’ll never take the leap like you have to realize their destiny and share their gift with the world.

Fear of failure, fear of criticism and fear of not being good enough has crippled the majority of people and forced them to give into being average.

But not you. You’ve chosen the path of entrepreneurship because you know what your gift is and you’re hell bent on sharing it with the world.

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3 Rules that Make or Break Every Sale

Hey everybody, quick question: are you closing 9 out of every 10 prospects that walk through your door?person going to do fitness behind magic doorway background


Well, my friend, you need to fix that.

The fitness industry is growing every day. It’s a HOT market, which also means it’s a TOUGH market. It’s a market where only one kind of person survives: the closer.

And if you want to be a closer, you need to close 9 out of every 10 prospects.

And whatever your closing rate is now, I want to help make you a closer.

That’s why today I want cover 3 simple rules that make or break every sale. If you aren’t closing 9 out of 10 already then you DEFINITELY need to review these rules and keep them in mind for your next sale!

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Laser Target Your Facebook Audience with These 3 Tips

Dude, you need to laser target your Facebook audience if you want to convert them to paying clients. Target goal trigger

Facebook’s getting more strict with ad guidelines and charging more for clicks than ever before – so if you’re doing any kind of fitness marketing on Facebook then you really gotta spend that money wisely

A lot of newbie marketers think that marketing is just a matter of blasting your name and logo EVERYWHERE and hoping the law of averages will magically get you some leads.

That may have worked (sorta) back in 2009, but today Facebook marketing is super cut throat and intricate.

And don’t even get crazy and think about buying “likes” on Facebook… the last time I checked you can’t take “likes” to the bank.

Technically, you can do that…if you don’t mind blowing your entire budget on a fan page that has a bunch of likes but delivers no leads.

You’re smart, you’ve been paying attention to this blog, and you think you’re already targeting your audience. But there a few little tweaks and hacks that you can make that will really increase your client getting outcome.

You’re already crafting your Facebook ads like a master.

You’re already qualifying and attracting your leads with direct response marketing and low barrier offers.

But are you laser targeting your audience?

Because honestly, if you aren’t laser targeting those ads, you might as well save yourself the money and stop running them.

So, because I want you to succeed, I’m going to give you three Facebook hacks to maximize your Facebook ad targeting and get more qualified leads and clients.

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How You Should Hire Your First Employee

I’ll tell you what feels great: hiring your first employee.

Assuming you do it right. 

“Finally!” you’ll say, “I have someone to delegate to. I can free up my day to focus on what I love doing and what makes me money.”Now Hiring Sign

That’s part of what I mean when I always say it feels better to sign the front of the check instead of the back. That’s when you’re working ON your business, not IN it.

But let me tell you: you want to get this step right the first time.

So listen to my advice on when and how you should hire your first employee.

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5 Tricks to Help You Master the Facebook Ad

Facebook can make or break your marketing strategy, so you need to learn how to use it well ASAP.

My buddies and I have created tons of successful Facebook ads, and let me tell you…

There’s a lot of art that goes into crafting a great Facebook ad.

number signsPart of that comes from Facebook’s bizarre standards for what makes an acceptable ad and what doesn’t. Sometimes they’ll reject your ad over the smallest detail, even if that detail is something they let slide before. 

So unfortunately, there’s always going to be an element of trial and error… but don’t worry, because I’ve got 5 awesome tricks that will help you master the Facebook ad quick. 

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You’ll Close 90% of Your Prospects if You Use This Tool

What, you think you can’t close 90%? Think that sounds like a magic, made up number? It’s not: that’s the number of people in your pipeline right now that you should be closing.

See, this is where you need that tool:notepad, pencil and calculator

You’re giving an awesome presentation. I mean AWESOME – you’ve got your before and after pics, you’ve got testimonials, you helped the prospect fill out the ParQ form, you used their answers to spot objections ahead of time…you’re doing everything right.

But what happens when you try to close?

Your prospect says “whoa whoa whoa,” they slam on the brakes, and then they dogpile you with three different objections at once! “I still need to think about it, I need to ask my husband, and our budget is really tight right now.”

You get so overwhelmed you just let them walk right out the door. Then you sit there wondering what the heck happened? I thought I already dealt with those objections!

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WEBINAR: How Create Fitness Business Systems And Maximize Your Profits

How to Make Your Fitness Business “Bullet Proof” By Installing These Five Profit Maximizing and Competition Crushing Business Systems…

…watch this live training webinar below

If you’re interested in getting your hands on my best online sales funnels, copywriting, and marketing campaigns then Click Hear To Join Me For The Client Getting Funnel Implementation Boot Camp Weekend  On November 20 and 21, 2015.

In the meantime, here’s how you can increase profits TODAY.

If you’re dumping 80 hours a week into your business but you aren’t increasing your profits at a reasonable rate then something is very wrong. Don’t get caught up in the mindset that says fitness businesses can’t make huge profits.

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Your Fitness Business Really SUCKS Sometimes

There was a time when I owned and operated 5 different personal training studios. Between all five gyms I had hundreds of clients and dozens of trainers. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’re managing even a few personal trainers then you know it’s a recipe for disaster— let alone trying to deal with dozens of them!

Suck Factor copy

I had trainers impregnating clients, employees screaming obscenities in front of clients, trainers stealing thousands of dollars right underneath my nose, and the list goes on…

It was a nightmare. There were times I’d even call it a disaster. But I dealt with it. I put out fires, fixed problems, avoided lawsuits, and ran successful businessness.

So what about you? Your fitness business will never be perfect. Nothing will ever go exactly how you need. There’s no such thing as flawless and you’ll always have problems.

People let you down, your tools break or fail, and circumstances beyond your control will always get in your way.

You can do all the planning and preparing in the world, but when it comes down to it, there’s always going to be that one thing, big or small, that’s a problem.

It’s called the Suck Factor and it will follow you wherever you go, no matter what you’re doing.

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How To Double Your Clients and Profits In 60 Days Or Less

Dude, here’s what I’d do to fix your fitness business so that you can stop stressing over competition, worrying yourself about getting new clients, and freak out about not making enough income…

…and instead, just focus on helping people get fit, live healthy and be happy while making a really good living for yourself and your family.

You’re a pretty damn good trainer right?

You know how to train folks who want to burn fat, get fit, build muscle, and live a healthier life.

You know how to motivate your clients and support them in their goals.


BUT you need a lot more of them…

…and you need the type of clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth – even if all the other gyms, boot camps and trainers around you are under charging and practically giving away their programs, you need to be making what you’re worth. You deserve it!

But there’s your problem- – no matter how good you are at what you do and no matter how much your clients love you, you’re still struggling to get and keep clients.

You’re still stuck in “I’m desperate to get clients” mode and you’re stressed out trying to figure out a reliable way to get more leads and prospects to call, email, or walk in through your doors.

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