SO THAT You Can DOMINATE Your Market

I’m going to give you some killer marketing advice today SO THAT you can dominate your market and get more loyal clients than you’ve ever had before.??????????????????

See what I did there? You will in a second.

A few months back I learned the “so that” trick at one of my live events (that’s right, I learn just as much as my attendees do at my events) and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

It’s a really brilliant trick, and I want to show you why.

See, I’ve told you over and over again that your job is to sell BENEFITS instead of features…but that doesn’t mean that features aren’t important.

Because really, the mistake of selling features is a common mistake for all first-time salespeople across all industries. And there’s a totally innocent reason for it.

If you truly love your industry and your service or product (WHICH YOU MUST) then you are probably obsessed with your features. 

Dare I say you even nerd out about them? Maybe just a little bit?

And in some ways that’s a good thing. All great sales and marketing begins with enthusiasm, so you can use your enthusiasm for features as a starting point.


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How to Become a REAL Leader

I want to teach you the one thing that everyone says is unteachable: leadership.

You know me: I’m stubborn. I like to shake things up. I like to break down stereotypes.

Leadership SearchWell, one of the biggest, oldest, and most dangerous stereotypes out there is the idea that leaders are a different species from the rest of us. That they’ve been magically gifted something that the rest of us don’t have.

There’s also the stereotype that a leader is someone with a fancy title…the idea that anyone who is an “authority figure” is automatically a leader.

These are both lies, and I plan to shatter both of them by giving you the correct definition of leadership.

First off, we have to remember that the word “leadership” comes from a verb: to lead. Leadership is an ACTION. Leadership is a CHOICE. Each and every one of us can be leaders IF WE CHOOSE TO BE.

In other words, the path to becoming a true leader is not really about who you are, it’s about what you do.

Leadership is when you charge toward your true purpose and inspire others to help you through discipline, focus, and generosity.

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How to Sell Fitness…Backwards?

I just had a total epiphany: I know exactly what you’ve been doing wrong in your fitness selling and I know EXACTLY how to turn you around and set you on the path to closing 9 of every 10 leads. rewind red modern web icon

If you’re struggling to close clients in your sales presentations…you need to take what you’re doing now and flip it backwards.

Let me take a guess about how you talk about fitness currently. In fact, let me paint a picture for you:

A stranger comes up to you (maybe not even in a sales context, just casually) and they ask you why you think fitness is important.

Most likely you start with the results. You explain that fitness helped you find your confidence, or how it helped you solve a health issue, or how you just really love staying in shape.

The stranger is genuinely interested in your opinion, so they stick around to hear more. This gets you to loosen up and “nerd out” a little bit about your specific approach to fitness. You explain how much fun you have doing it, and you’re clearly having fun just talking about it.

The stranger says something like, “Gosh, that all sounds really hard!”

So then you say “Not really, I love it so much that it’s easy for me!”

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How to Get Personal Training Clients Online


That’s it! That’s the whole blog post.

Committed to your success,

Like USA

…Just kidding, but I do have a point: if you want to get personal training clients online, you absolutely need to use Facebook.

In fact, you need to master Facebook. You need to dig in, figure out how it works, and practice it until nobody else stands a chance trying to target your market.

Unless you’re going for the under 30 market (which, as a personal trainer, you shouldn’t do) you need to be on Facebook. It is currently the most powerful online marketing platform for all markets over 30. AND it’s the most competitive.

So to make sure you’re able to use Facebook the right way and dominate your market, I’m going to give you my expert, in-depth guide to Facebook ads.

Let’s just dive right in!

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Busting Myths on How to Start a Personal Training Business

Are you a personal trainer who wants the independence, freedom and abundance that come with owning your own business?Escaping

Do you really want it?

Because if you REALLY want it, I’m happy to take you all the way to the top.

If you have the passion and you’re ready to work hard, I see no reason why you can’t become one of my 7 figure earning business coaching clients one day.

Every part of my success – my coaching, my businesses, my personal life – is built on reliable, teachable systems. There’s no magic to it, just time under tension and the optimism to know that my hard work will pay off.

In fact, these systems are so reliable that they work for almost any kind of fitness business. Earlier this week I wrote a post about how to start a boot camp, but 90% of it still applies if you’re wondering how to start a personal training business.

But before you start diving into those systems, I need to clear up some dangerous myths that keep shutting down eager fitness professionals like you.

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How to Start a Fitness Boot Camp

Listen. I’ve been where you are right now. You’re offering one on one training right now. Maybe you do some group training.

You might even offer boot camp workouts… but you know you could be doing boot camps better.

So what’s this blog post about? If your goal is to start offering more boot camp workouts so that you can trim away some of your one on one training session and still make great money while having more time off then this is the article you’ll want to read…

…because in this post I’m going to teach you how to start a fitness bootcamp that gets clients, gets popular, and makes more money than one on one training.

The Fit Body Boot Camp Train Like a Girl Promo Video…

I hear all the time from fitness pros like you, so I’m going to give you my guide on how to start a fitness boot camp.

Identify your unique selling point 

What is your unique selling point? What are you going to offer your community that no one else is? Identify what it is you can provide best and build your business model around that idea.

One way to figure out your unique selling point is to look at which demographic in your community can afford boot camps with you. Which group is untapped by the fitness industry right now? Which demographic has more free time and disposable income than any other?

Identify this group and market towards them.

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3 Videos to Help You Dominate 2016

The New Year is just around the corner. You’re ready to take your training or boot camp business to the next level! But it takes more than just smart marketing, great sales skills and killer workouts.

It takes discipline, commitment and the mindset of a champion if you want to make the next couple of months a massive success.

This is your best opportunity to sit and plan out your path to DOMINATION in 2016. And these videos are going to help you dial it in…

Thunderstorm in the Great PlainsThese videos will arm you with the knowledge and the mindset you need to become the greatest fitness professional you’ve ever been.

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How to Get Personal Training Clients for Cheap

Where are you going to spend your money this month: advertising or rent?

That’s a tough question, isn’t it? Makes your stomach sink… but I’m guessing you probably have asked yourself this question or similar questions in the past.100 dollar puzzle 3

Hey, I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. I remember sitting on my dingy old bed, just sweating and wishing I could find a cheap way to get more clients…

Well let me tell you what I discovered and show you how to implement it in your own business.

See, I, like many struggling personal trainers, used to think that good advertising required a ton of cash. I thought I needed billboards, magazine ads, TV commercials, and all that other flashy stuff.

However, once I discovered the REAL way to get personal training clients in the 21st century, I swore off traditional advertising for good.


Because the method I’m about to describe for you is so much cheaper than traditional advertising and comes with so many more new clients that now I just see traditional ads as a waste.

And it starts with one very simple insight:

Your cheapest and best source of new clients is always your current clients.

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When All Else Failed, Fit Body Boot Camp Changed Her Life and Helped Her Start a Successful Fitness Business

I just received a heartwarming, inspiring letter from one of the Fit Body Boot Camp owners and I realized I have to share this with you. Headshot Sheryl

I come onto this blog every week pounding my fists on my desk trying to get you to take action, reach out for success and follow your passions.

There’s really a very simple reason why I do this: it’s so I can listen to wonderful stories like this (and help create them in the first place!)

So now let me introduce Sheryl Dyck, owner of Armstrong Fit Body Boot Camp. Here’s her wonderful letter:


We haven’t officially met, but I have been a FBBC owner since January 17, 2015. 

This year before the Conference you asked everyone to write how FBBC has changed their lives. I looked at your request several times and just wasn’t sure what to say or how to express what I was feeling at the time, and to be honest I am still unsure what all of these emotions are. So, for whatever reason I have decided to write this letter now, and express how Fit Body and these amazing people that make up Fit Body have changed my life and my family’s lives.

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When Fitness Marketing Meets Mindset

Sometimes we have to have the hardest conversations with the people who we care about the most.

This is a story about a hard conversation I had with a personal trainer.

During one of my coaching calls, I found myself connected to my iPhone earbuds aimlessly wondering around the HQ parking lot lost in a trance of ideas, solutions, shortcuts and action steps for my clients on the other side of the phone.

Waiting for important call.Earlier in the afternoon I spoke with a new coaching client who has only been to one mastermind meeting so far.

At that mastermind meeting, during his “hot seat” session, the biggest issues he needed solutions for were…

1) How to get more reliable and higher quality leads

2) How to overcome objections that kill the sale

3) How to stop doing it all and start hiring and delegating

At the mastermind he got the answers he needed and was given proven examples to model.

But here, on our second follow up call since the mastermind, I noticed that he had yet to really get any of his marching orders done and put into action.

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