I’m extremely blessed and grateful these days to be working with the best and brightest of the fitness industry—working as the “secret genius” behind some of the biggest names you’ll see on ABC, NBC, Spike TV, and on the NY Times best seller list.

Still, I’ll never forget what it was like to be a struggling personal trainer with zero business skills and a huge stack of bills piling up.1237498_73106875-300x225-9x7X0o.jpg

If you’re in that situation now, or even if you just don’t feel 100% satisfied with how much money your studio or boot camp is bringing in, I want to help you. I made the climb up from the  very bottom—so wherever you are now, I want to help you climb even higher.

Of course, I am just one man. As much as I love to dive deep with individual people and give them day-long coaching sessions where we cover EVERYTHING, I can only do that at this point for several thousand dollars per hour.

What I CAN do, though, is give you a series of steps to reach that point. I can lay out a path for you where I help you make more money every step, and there’s always one step higher you can reach.

How does that sound?

Step 1—Establish Your Vision

If you could have any kind of fitness business you wanted, what would it be?

Would you run a massively popular boot camp with hundreds of clients coming from all around town just to train with you?

Would you have a high-end 1-on-1 studio where you train high achieving clients who pay you generously and take an active role in their own results?

Whatever springs to mind first for you, I want you to take a moment to write it down. Or, you can record a voice memo, or make a video of yourself.

The important thing is to give it as much detail as you possibly can, and to really describe how good it would feel to have this all come true.

Once you have this down, keep it in a safe place where you can easily find it and come back to it.

Now, why am I having you do all this?

There’s actually a very practical reason:

When you decide on where you WANT to go, and you COMMIT to getting yourself there, you keep yourself out of reaction mode. 

Reaction mode is just a crappy way to live. Reaction mode is when you are constantly scrambling to fix problems and feeling like you have no control of your life.

Trust me, man, you could be living in the crappiest possible circumstances (like I used to) but if you have a vision for where you want to go, it makes a world of difference.

All the sudden, you start having these moments of peace of mind and clarity where you go, “Wow, THIS is exactly what I need to do right now, so I’m going to do it.”

Seriously—try it and you’ll see.

Step 2—Find Your Next Step

If you have literally $0.00 in your bank account, or if you have a negative number (like I did way back in the day) then your next step needs to be something free.

That’s why I created this blog for you—so you can always get free advice to help you get more clients.

However, as soon as you have money in the bank, you need to start investing in the skills and the knowledge that will help you reach that vision you’ve set for yourself.

Now if you want to be really bold and daring, you could jump directly into my high-end coaching group…but that might be jumping a few steps ahead.

If you want to take the safer route, then you gotta check out my Fitness Business Ignition group today:

Fitness Business Ignition is the group I created specifically to group passionate fitness pros like you get ready for the big leagues.

It’s your chance to work closely with me and my team of top fitness industry business coaches—who are all former clients who used my advice to build the businesses of their dreams.

In fact, you could join Fitness Business Ignition even if you’re just planning to open your own fitness business and you haven’t gotten there yet. 

Here’s just a short list of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to craft powerful sales letters that convert your leads into clients
  • How to optimize your lead funnel so you attract qualified leads in huge numbers
  • How to create a compelling sales presentation that positions you as an expert
  • How to build your referral process to create a steady stream of the best-qualified leads
  • How to expand your up front and back end sales process and double your income
  • How to create a turn-key business that will let you take as much time off as you need

(By the way, I’m going to give you all of this for less that $3.30 a day!)

photodune-17414590-mountain-xs-300x198-QvmgX6.jpgHere’s the most important part: through our webinars and coaching calls, you’ll get to ask ALL YOUR MOST BURNING QUESTIONS about how to get more clients, grow your business, and install systems that give you more automatic income and more freedom.

Fair warning: this program is NOT for everyone. You have to be 100% serious about growing your business and reaching your vision.

Still, I know you ARE serious because you’re still following my posts here and reading them to the end…

So are you ready to have your phone buzzing all day long to alert you about incoming payments?

Are you ready to take 2 week or even month long vacations several times throughout the year?

Are you ready to help A LOT more people transform their bodies and personal fitness (and get payed the good money you deserve for it)? 

If YES, then check out Fitness Business Ignition today to discover how I can help you!

Committed to your success,